3 ways vinyl banners can increase your brand’s visibility

3 ways vinyl banners can increase your brand’s visibility

Even if your business is small, you shouldn’t discount custom printing as a powerful branding tool; more than three-fourths (76%) of small businesses say that ideally, their marketing strategy would combine both digital and print communication strategies. And if you’re looking to brand your business while getting the most bang for your buck, banner printing services deserve your consideration.

Vinyl banners are highly customizable, with commercial printing companies generally letting you choose your own size, color and design, allowing you to get the look you want for less than standard fixed signs.

Vinyl banners are also appropriate for many situations, and can be moved from place to place and easily hung both inside and outside due to their light weight. Here are three situations in which you might consider using a vinyl banner, and why:

Corporate Events or Exhibitions

When your business attends busy trade shows or hiring fairs, a well-branded booth can draw higher-end clients or more qualified applicants to your table. While a hanging banner across the front of your table might be effective for those who are quite close, the crowds can obscure something displayed at waist level. Instead, consider vertical pop-up banners that sit on either side of your display. And since such pop-up banners are easily packed away and stored, you’ll be able to use them at event after event.

Campaigns or Temporary Sales

If you’re working on a specific campaign or one-time sales, other types of large-scale print media may be too expensive to justify the investment. Vinyl banners, however, can give you a sleek and professional look at a low cost, making them a good choice even if you don’t intend to reuse them time and time again. They also hold up well to outdoor conditions; if your locale is particularly windy, you might consider custom printing your banners on vinyl mesh, rather than standard vinyl.

Special or Formal Social Events

Large vinyl photo backdrops can be used to give any event some red-carpet glamour — even if you’re on a tight budget. Depending on the tenor of the event, you can go for a classic step and repeat banner branded with your logo, or you can mix it up with a more whimsical themed design. Either way, your brand will get attention every time the photos are shared (and there’s nothing more popular now than sharing photos).

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