5 tips for creating stellar menu

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5 tips for creating stellar menu

Menus are the end all and are all of the food industry and it is a vital part of impacting sales. Restaurant menu enumerates all available food and beverage in a certain restaurant or food business and it also includes the unit or package price. Some menus are often furnished with food introduction in order to make it more interesting to consumers. The goal of menus is to present the items in a visually enticing manner.

A restaurant menu follows certain methods of design and this includes the good balance of image, typography, color, organizational borders, and descriptive text. There are five valuable tips to take note when creating a menu that will eventually be beneficial for the company’s economy in the long run. These are as follows:

• Use images and illustrations – Restaurant menus may only cover products of food and beverage but images will definitely add a little more visual enticement to consumers. It is good to have menus with big bold images that have high-quality photography. It is also important that the photo on the menu will be an exact representation of what the restaurant can offer. The exact visual representation will help customers not be disappointed with food ordered. Illustrations may also be added to menus as they are more likely to be universally appealing and has the ability to help communicate the restaurant’s personality.

• Focus on typography and readability – It is essential for menus to always consider fonts that are easily read and understood. Readability should always be the top priority and design is secondary. Stellar menus are made by pairing two or more typeface that beautifully compliments one another. Fonts may be used to effectively highlight items that the restaurant is widely known for.

• Play with colors and hues – Menus aims to visually entice consumers, therefore the list of food choices should adopt the color scheme of the overall branding and style of the food sector. Bold and bright colors are the preferred option for menus because it helps set the mood of the restaurant as well as the quest to fill appetite.

• Organize menu with boxes and lines – Although the design is a key factor in creating a good restaurant menu, it is still important to incorporate strict organization and management with the system. Boxes and lines may be used to denote sections that are logical for consumers. Sections may be placed for starters, salads, sandwiches, main course, etc. This will make it easier for consumers to navigate through the available products

• Engage consumers in a descriptive text – Consumers are proven to buy more if they know what they are in for. Therefore, adding a simple and short description of food may help them understand their orders. Remember to be fun with words!

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