A Guide to 2017’s Print Trends

A Guide to 2017’s Print Trends

We’ve been scouting the web and we’ve noticed something spectacular: 2017 has some amazing print and design trends lined up! Of course a design-savvy clientele like ours knows a few of these already, but what the hey! (We’re loving all the minimalism and simplicity!)



We’re starting out with this one because we’ve been waiting a while for it! We love minimalist designs and have been pushing them for some time. The best part might be that effective, simple designs scores really well in business marketing. We recommend business cards, presentation folders, and restaurant food menus—all simple of course! We also offer in-house design services to make your job that much simpler.



Illustrated hand-drawings may be tough, but they never fail to add a human element to your design. Plus, might we ask, What are customers always searching for in a business? A human element. 😉



This is a tricky one, yet one of the best trends. Personally, we love it! It’s refreshing, captivating, and rare. Having said that, it doesn’t go with every brand. If you’re lucky enough to have a playful brand, get creative with your fonts!



We have great printers here and we’re always looking for opportunities to make use of them. Since you have access to the technology, might as well make the most of it! Large scale photos with minimal writing can be so incredibly effective, yet we see it so infrequently. Hopefully that’ll be changing soon!

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