A Stone’s Throw Away from a Green Print Industry

A Stone’s Throw Away from a Green Print Industry

Leave it to Vancouver to be a pioneer in green printing: the famously eco-friendly, yoga-loving city is now endorsing tree-free paper, too.

Lucky for you, PRINTitGO is one of the only print shops in Vancouver using stone paper.

It’s made of flexible minerals, and its exceptional characteristics are drawing attention to it. The process eliminates tree pulp along with water and air pollution. The smooth, water-resistant, tear-proof paper is being used for more and more products, such as books, carry bags, and essentially anything where strength is required.

Some big-name companies are starting to use it: Lush, Absolute Spa, Intelligent Magazine of Real Estate and Construction, and Whistler’s Sea to Sky Food and Music Festival are just a few of the companies and events we’ve partnered with to reduce waste. It would be an understatement to say the paper hasn’t been getting enough attention, especially since it repels mist, grease, and moths and insects (and that’s just the start!). We’re hoping that won’t last long!

We’re celebrating our commitment to sustainability by using this paper. Plus, aside from being 100% sustainable, it’s surprisingly affordable, too, compared to its plastic alternative.

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