Branding tips and tricks

Branding tips and tricks


Building your branding is all about establishing an identity for your business. It’s your job to give your company a personality that resonates with your clients, and that is likely to attract people.

Branding includes your company logo, fonts, color schemes, down to every little detail like the packaging you use, and so on. Your brand identity will also include implicit traits, like whether you establish yourself as value for money, or for being a more premium alternative. You will also take your audience into account, are they young or mature, mainly male, female, or neither? All of these details need to be kept in mind at each stage of your brand development, and they should be addressed and reflected in your branding.

Once you have begun to build up your brand and branding strategy, you’ll soon turn to applying the branding to your business. This includes developing a website that is consistent with your branding, using brand images and logos on boxes, bags, and other packaging solutions.

At PRINTitGO, a leading Vancouver design agency and print shop, we can take care of your business branding from the very first stage, right to having physical or digital materials produced. We specialize in designing and applying branding, but also in all related printing services which might use that branding.

This includes interior and exterior signs and posters, marketing material, bags, and even personalized labels, stickers, and so on. We can offer branded catalogs and brochures, project folders, stationery, letterheads, and an impressive range of useful business materials.

All of our print products are of the finest standards, intended for professional use, and we have a host of big brand names that we’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years. Finally, all materials that we produce will be finished in-house, to ensure that the finishing details are perfect, every time.

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