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Best Fonts for printing

How to pick the best fonts for your print jobs

The effectiveness and popularity of all print jobs rely mostly on the fonts being used. Today’s technological advances allowed programmers to experiment new typefaces that would move away from a manual manuscript. Programmers researched new alternatives and came up with completely different codes which successfully presents elegant and readable text. Over the years, the number of available fonts has been increasing on computer screens and word processors. This adjustment allowed designers to choose from a variety of font list [...]

Print Brands

Brochure Printing Best Practices

Organisations, companies, and business often use brochures to promote their products, services, and events. This type of marketing proves to be highly effective in encouraging potential customers to be engaged in the brand. For some time, brochure printing has been widely considered the best option for business marketing because it can showcase the company’s values and quality through printed materials. Brochures are often printed using four-color process and it usually uses higher-quality paper, unlike flyer. Most brochures are colored and [...]


Business Booklet Printing Vancouver

  At PrintitGo we provide leading print and design services to small and large businesses working in a wide array of different industries. In this post, we will be focussing on all of our products that relate to business booklet printing Vancouver. Our booklets and brochures are used for many different purposes, our booklets are smaller with three or four folds, while booklets can range from eight to thirty-two pages. They can be used as books, booklets, catalogs, manuals, directories, periodicals, [...]


Our Vancouver Printing Services

  At PrintitGO we work with businesses to provide leading printing services. Our wide range of products means that whatever type of business you run, we’ve got something for you. In this post we’ll be giving a brief overview of our print products and services, as well as some background about us, and why our service is second to none. Our creative teams consist of designers as well as printers, meaning that the team has a complete understanding of the [...]


Vancouver Branding and Green Products

  PRINTitGO offers premium and professional printshop services to local businesses in Vancouver and beyond. Our Vancouver branding and design services compliment all of our printshop products, allowing us to help you with every stage of development, from design to the finished product. For more info on all of our products, services, and our custom-made goods, please read on. First of all, what are the key elements of branding, and how can you properly execute these within your business? Branding [...]


Vancouver Branding, Design and Printing

Welcome to the PRINTitGO blog, where we will be discussing our custom Vancouver branding, print, and design services. In this post, we want to focus particularly on our wide range of print products and services, while covering all the important information that you might need to know about all of the customizable elements of our service. Our premium quality print shop products are made for professional business use, meaning that it’s important that the quality reflects the standards of your [...]


Best Print shop Vancouver for Businesses

  PRINTitGO is pleased to offer our industry-leading design and the best print shop Vancouver for personal and commercial projects. Our personalized services provide professional print products and services with an enormous selection fit for a range of purposes. Each product is designed with your selected business branding or other design before being printed and finished by our team of experts. Our products range from small to large, including the offer of premium large format printing solutions available on a [...]


Vancouver Printer Professional Services

  If you’re searching for a professional Vancouver printer service, then PRINT it GO are pleased to be able to offer a huge range of different premium services aimed at delivering the very best printing solutions, whatever your needs might be. Our printing services also benefit from our expertise in the design field, and our professional teams are here to help you from the first step until you’re totally satisfied with the end results. We can offer a rich range [...]


BC Tech Summit 2017

Firstly, we are honored to have been chosen as a sponsor for this event. We thought this would be a great opportunity to showcase the green, Eco-friendly stone paper in which the program guides and name badges are printed on. In today’s tech-savvy world it is easy to get lost in the latest gadgets, gizmos, and technologies that have allowed us to so freely share information to one another instantaneously. We often forget our journey as we look only ahead [...]


Tips for a Stunning Resume

Resume building can be daunting, but what seems to go unrecognized is that it can also be very amusing. If you think about it in terms of job hunting, you’ll be bored. If you think about it in terms of a creative exercise, however, the possibilities are endless. Designing a resume is an awesome way to explore and showcase your creative leanings. (If design isn’t your thing, we can help with that too!) FONTS Choose your font early on—before you’ve made 18 [...]