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Brochure Printing Vancouver

Design tips for Brochure Printing Vancouver to make it more saleable

Brochure printing has become a fast-growing service in the advertising and marketing industry. It is also known as pamphlet or leaflet used as marketing collaterals to educate prospects and target audience about the organization promoted and the products and services that it offers. Brochure printing is not as simple as laying all the graphics and content on a piece of paper. It involves a huge part of business knowledge and basic designing that allows better functionality. The ease of use [...]

Vancouver Branding tips and tricks

  Building your Vancouver branding is all about establishing an identity for your business. It’s your job to give your company a personality that resonates with your clients, and that is likely to attract people. Branding includes your company logo, fonts, colour schemes, down to every little detail like the packaging you use, and so on. Your brand identity will also include implicit traits, like whether you establish yourself as value for money, or for being a more premium alternative. [...]

Give your business a professional edge with Vancouver Graphic Design

  There are a great many reasons that your business might benefit from some expert Vancouver graphic design help, whether you’re thinking of starting a new business, or if you already have a long established business. Graphic design incorporates a wide array of different functions, from branding and re-branding to website design. At PRINTitGO we have experts at hand to deliver the very best graphic design services, whatever you might need. Our designers are experienced in drafting and redrafting work [...]

Finding a Vancouver Graphic Design and branding Agency

Though there are many Vancouver graphic design services to choose from, it can be tricky to know which service is right for you and your company. In this post we want to take a look at different graphic design services, their role for your business, and how you can make the most of great graphic design service. It wouldn’t be efficient for every business to hire trained design experts, which is why we offer our services to clients with [...]

resume feature

Tips for a Stunning Resume

Resume building can be daunting, but what seems to go unrecognized is that it can also be very amusing. If you think about it in terms of job hunting, you’ll be bored. If you think about it in terms of a creative exercise, however, the possibilities are endless. Designing a resume is an awesome way to explore and showcase your creative leanings. (If design isn’t your thing, we can help with that too!)FONTS Choose your font early on—before you’ve made 18 [...]

A Guide to 2017’s Print Trends

We’ve been scouting the web and we’ve noticed something spectacular: 2017 has some amazing print and design trends lined up! Of course a design-savvy clientele like ours knows a few of these already, but what the hey! (We’re loving all the minimalism and simplicity!)MINIMALISM We’re starting out with this one because we’ve been waiting a while for it! We love minimalist designs and have been pushing them for some time. The best part might be that effective, simple designs scores [...]

Our Favourite Prints from 2016

2016 has been a big year for us: we perfected our printing techniques, we celebrated our first year in business, and we made some great friends and partners. Just for fun (and to show off our clients’ sweet designs!) we’re going to do a little recap of our favourite printing and design jobs this year!WORD VANCOUVER Word is Vancouver’s best and biggest festival celebrating reading and writing. Held throughout the city during the last week of September, Word promotes authors with free exhibits, [...]


The Unparralleled Act of Proofreading

As a printers and designers, we look at materials very closely and for very long. So we might be inclined to notice typos a bit more than the average reader. Then again, if we notice them, others might as well (and we don’t want that!). There are many ways to simplify the daunting process of proofreading, and ever more reasons as to why the process is crucial. At PRINTitGO our primary goal is, of course, to help your business grow [...]

business cards

The ABCs of Business Cards

Remember the iconic American Psycho business card scene? My theory is that they’re onto something. Business cards may be the first point of contact your customer has with your company. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a customer to see your business card before they see you. Scary thought, hey? It is and it isn’t. It’s exciting because it gives you an opportunity to show off what you can do before you actually have to do anything. It’s tricky considering [...]

Book Design in Self-Publishing

In an increasingly competitive publishing landscape, it’s more frequent to see authors going down the self-publishing route. Here at PRINTitGO we’ve seen it dozens of times, and we love it! When you’re self-publishing, without the aid of a publisher, you’re entirely in charge of your book’s fate. So the importance of design and marketing becomes that much more crucial. We’ve designed and printed banners, business cards, bus ads, book covers, you name it. As your printer (and occasional designer!) we want to [...]