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Pixel Perfect Large Format Printing Vancouver

At PRINTitGO we offer leading Vancouver design and printing services to clients for a wide range of uses. Our experienced teams of craftsmen will be able to help you from the early creative stage right through to the finished product and installation. Our team of creatives are trained and experienced working with a large spectrum of different design and print services, but in this post, we would like to focus particularly on our large format printing Vancouver service. Our cutting [...]

Industry leading large format printing Vancouver

At Printitgo we utilise the very finest cutting edge technology to execute the most stunning and pristine designs with our leading service for large format printing Vancouver. We believe that to get the very best out of marketing and promotional material, both the design side, as well as the printing, must be of an equally high standard. With even the very most simple designs, if picture quality is not 100%, then every size scale you increase it by will diminish [...]

Quick and Simple quality Large Format Printing Vancouver

Welcome to our weekly blog post dedicated to only the very best printing services available. Today we will be taking a look at our quick, simple, and premium service for large format printing Vancouver. Though the competition is fierce, you should ensure that you invest in only the very best quality printing in order to promote your business or enterprise as effectively as possible. First and foremost, quality is always the absolute number one priority. If you try to [...]

File Preparation for Commerical Printing

When it comes to commercial printing, it’s not as easy as “Ctrl+P”. To avoid delays in your products, see the handy tips below. Printing File Formats We Like Are Saved As…. Acrobat (pdf) when saving to pdf, it’s suggested to still create outlines for all your fonts before saving or exporting. Please ensure all of your settings are correct for print-ready files including image mode and resolution, and bleeds are visible in the pdf file with crops indicating the final trim size. Photoshop [...]

Stickers are Cool

“Stickers are cool…but I’m not sure how I could use them in my business”. We’ve heard it time and time again. Here’s how to use them for your company.1) Sticker swag. Get some good quality custom stickers made of your logo and start giving them out. If people like your brand, they’ll stick your sticker and suddenly you customers aren’t just customers, they are brand advocates.2) Decals. You can buy these everywhere online, but if you want to [...]

SierraSil Large Format Printing Vancouver

Who Provides the Best Poster Printing in Vancouver?

Best Poster Printing in Vancouver? Best Poster Printing in Vancouver? Is your company attending a trade show next weekend and needs to deliver your message to attendees to stop by your booth?Is your company attending a trade show next weekend and needs to deliver your message to attendees in a way that makes them stop by your booth? Does your retail store need a sign in the window that draws people walking by into your store for a big sale [...]