Motivational Mondays

Tips for Your New Year Goals

The new year is all about setting goals. When it comes to businesses, goals are indispensable and so incredibly important (and we, of course, want to help you with them!). Business owners, especially for new/small businesses, wear many hats: CEO, manager, marketer, communicator, etc. Because of this, goals are important, and keeping an eye on the prize is even more important. We compiled a list of helpful tips for keeping your goals—for both short term and long term. IMAGINE THE END [...]


Monday at our Marketing Office

Every Monday, our team meets together to kick start the week. We all discuss what we did on the weekend, what we are looking forward to this week at work and enjoy some coffee. Why do we do this? Our team leader found the article below and implemented it immediately. The difference in energy and culture at our marketing office is worth the 15 minutes every Monday morning. Thanks for helping our team ConnectedAndSpreadLove.com! 1.) Refocus on Strategies Getting together [...]