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Sandwich Board signs that stand out

Vancouver Branding and Green Products

  PRINTitGO offers premium and professional printshop services to local businesses in Vancouver and beyond. Our Vancouver branding and design services compliment all of our printshop products, allowing us to help you with every stage of development, from design to the finished product. For more info on all of our products, services, and our custom made goods, please read on. First of all, what are the key elements of branding, and how can you properly execute these within your business? [...]

The use of stone paper in the field of technology

Stone paper and the tech industry are loosely connected to one another. The new paper type revolutionized the way printing companies work as it presents the same function of the material but is made from a different process and is finished with a characteristic which is far different from the normal paper. This type of paper is usually used for the fine journal from companies such as Moleskine, Ciak, and Cartesio. It is a product made out crushed [...]

Large Format Printing Vancouver

Advances to retail and purchases with the help of Large Format Printing Vancouver

If you are looking to promote your business in an enticing and creative way, you should focus on investing your money on printing large scale materials for advertising and marketing. Large Format Printing is quickly becoming the key to successful promotion and introduction of growing industries and it has been a popular print material to advance business retail and purchase. Large Format Printing is also known as wide-format printing. The name itself explains that it is a print material which [...]


Party starts early! Kick-off to the #BCTECH Summit on March 13th If a full two-day conference wasn’t enough, the #BCTECH Summit has upped its ante with MORE fun at pre-Summit festivities on March 13th. Join us for:1:00 PM – 5:00 PM – LipSync Monday MakathonTeams can sign up and donate their time to support the Neil Squire Society. Teams will build the LipSync, a mouth-operated joystick with sip and puff controls which will enable a person with disabilities to use a [...]

Vancouver printer and design services

When on the hunt for Vancouver printer and design services, it’s always handy to keep in mind the advantages of using a company that offers both services. First of all, any company which specialises both in design and printing will understand the trials and tribulations of carrying a project through from the very beginning to the finished product. This might mean designing in a way that will cater well to the type of printing you require, or vice versa. All [...]

A Guide to 2017’s Print Trends

We’ve been scouting the web and we’ve noticed something spectacular: 2017 has some amazing print and design trends lined up! Of course a design-savvy clientele like ours knows a few of these already, but what the hey! (We’re loving all the minimalism and simplicity!)MINIMALISM We’re starting out with this one because we’ve been waiting a while for it! We love minimalist designs and have been pushing them for some time. The best part might be that effective, simple designs scores [...]

promotional items

Why Promotional Items Will Stay Relevant

Your brand is the most important tool you have (or so we’ve come to believe!), which makes marketing a priority. While social media is a priority too, there is a bracket of people who aren’t yet persuaded by it. Regardless of your customer’s interest in social media, printed promotional items give your brand more visibility. To help out (and because we just adore marketing!) we wrote info on a few pivotal items we suggest you look into for your business. [...]


The Unparralleled Act of Proofreading

As a printers and designers, we look at materials very closely and for very long. So we might be inclined to notice typos a bit more than the average reader. Then again, if we notice them, others might as well (and we don’t want that!). There are many ways to simplify the daunting process of proofreading, and ever more reasons as to why the process is crucial. At PRINTitGO our primary goal is, of course, to help your business grow [...]

business cards

The ABCs of Business Cards

Remember the iconic American Psycho business card scene? My theory is that they’re onto something. Business cards may be the first point of contact your customer has with your company. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a customer to see your business card before they see you. Scary thought, hey? It is and it isn’t. It’s exciting because it gives you an opportunity to show off what you can do before you actually have to do anything. It’s tricky considering [...]

One-Stop Solution for Your Business Needs

Printing has become a very specialized field, insofar as only the best can survive due to its online competition. PRINTitGO has worked hard since its origins to develop a reputation as Vancouver’s one-stop solution for businesses. We’re so much more than a printer. Indeed, our printing solutions are exceptional: we offer many printed materials, innovative techniques, and eco-friendly options. However, that’s not our primary goal. We love what we do. What we love even more, however, is to assist with your [...]