Christmas Cards Help Businesses Maintain Relationships

Christmas Cards Help Businesses Maintain Relationships

There are five weeks left until the holidays, and no more time to waste. Good news is: five weeks is just enough time to have your Christmas cards or holiday greeting products printed and sent off.

PRINTitGO does variable data printing, which is to say every card can have information tailored to different clients. Want each card to have a different name or message? No problem. We have in-house designers, too, if design isn’t your thing!

This service has been popular since our origins, and our suspicion is that every customer wants some love on Christmas! We’d be thrilled to start out with some custom quotes, and after that, our printing process doesn’t usually take more than a couple days.

Sending Christmas cards, holiday thank you notes, or postcards is a great marketing tactic and a sweet way to keep open communication with your customers. Not only that, a simple gesture like a personalized, mailed-out product goes a long way in the digital age.

Here are a couple holiday printing tips from yours truly:








  1. Don’t Go Digital. Customers will think your mail is spam. Plus, everyone can go digital. Christmas cards usually stick around, too, which means your logo will get a longer life.
  2. Personalize. After all, every customer wants to feel special. (Since we offer variable data printing, that’s no problem!)
  3. Think of It as “Friendly Marketing”. Customers want to do business with the folks who care about them. Show them that’s you.
  4. Don’t Forget the Assistant. It’s a nice thought to send a card to your valued customers’ assistant as well. After all, they’re the ones booking all their meetings!
  5. Design. Design is like the holidays. You just gotta do it right! Think of a card that’ll stand out, or we can help with that, too. Remember, branding is everything.

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