Different types of Print Branding

Different Printing Brands

Different types of Print Branding

Branding is the most essential part of business marketing and advertising. It allows better promotion and visibility in both physical and digital world. Branding materials should always contain the message of the company, the name, and its logo. The design should consider the best color, font, and emotion to be more attractive to the target audience. Printing marketing materials are the backbone of any branding effort and it is the best way to improve and put the company right in front of the potential customers.

Here are some of the types of branding materials:

  • Corporate Identity package – these are materials which are most commonly used for branding. This includes business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, as well as presentation folders. With these simple materials which carry the name and logo of the company contributes to its national publicity and leads to its promotion to more potential clients. It easily conveys and reinforces the message that the company seeks to imply.
    • Business cards – under the corporate identity package is the business card. A well-designed material gives the company an instant professional credibility. It symbolizes the professionalism of the business as well as its owner. The business card shows the legitimacy of the business and it should be kept simple, sticking to the most basic and considering the color and typography. This material must include the name of the company and the contact information that the company wants to share.
    • Stationery – this type of material requires formal correspondence among clients. It is paired with an envelope depicts the formal style. A simple and organized style is the best for stationeries and it should always have the purpose of leading to an action plan.
  • Direct mail – this branding material directly promotes the business to consumers. These are the materials that are given to passer-by or potential clients. This includes postcards, flyers, catalogs, and letter packages. It is a powerful branding that lets consumers remember the company as well as its products and services. This recognition can be achieved as soon through repetitive action with direct mailing.
  • Press Releases – These are powerful branding tools wherein letterheads are printed and distributed to the media
  • Point-of-sale Displays – This type of branding material usually includes coupon book, brochure, or even menus that can further boost company popularity. It is created with printed cutouts and displays the company’s name and logo within a portion of it.
    • Brochure – It is usually presented in tri-fold and it the most common type of business branding material. Brochures are often used to promote events, programs, or even premium services. It contains informative, eye-catching, and relevant content which has the aim to translate marketing to actual sales. The brochure is highly effective because it possesses all valuable information in a small and portable package. It contains a balance between text and imagery. It is easily read because it presents content in bulleted form
    • Booklet – the booklet has the same purpose with brochure but it is presented in a classier look. It shows off branding in an informative way and presents more details regarding the company compared to the limited content seen in brochures. Booklets have a broader scope and it influences the reader to feel a certain way about a particular brand.
    • Poster – This material is great for advertising company events within the local area. It is different from booklet and brochures as these posters are more concerned with imagery, presenting the company’s message and idea in a visual manner. It Is aesthetically pleasing and cops attention through beautiful graphics
  • Stickers – This is the most creative type of branding material. The aim of this material is to come up with appealing designs which will make the customers want to keep on buying the material. It usually contains a visually appealing graphics and a catchy line or phrase to offer a more fun branding opportunity.
  • Calendars – This is the easiest and most effective type of branding strategy because it is the material which basically has an intrinsic value. Most of the time, calendars are given free to customers to promote the company and its services.

Despite the present technological advances and the popularity of digital marketing, print branding still holds deep importance because these materials create more engagement with companies and potential clients. These physically printed sheets can live for long in offices and homes compared to digital promotions online. Custom designs can effectively help the business to stand out in the crowd and this will essentially build a recognizable brand that will be retained in the consumer’s mind.

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