Green products

Paper made from STONE, not Trees.







Stone Paper

Is a paper which the production has the lowest impact on our planet!

Stone Paper is made using an eco-friendly production process that does not utilize water or create air pollution. No acids are utilized in the production process, and the resulting Stone Paper is completely non-toxic, and is even food safe.

 Stone Paper is best used for the following:

Substitute for traditional pulp papers, such as Synthetic Paper & Film (Yupo, primax, tyvek, etc…), Premium Coated Paper, Recycled Paper, and select PVC Sheet applications.

Paper Production Comparison

ECO Friendly aspects of producing one ton of Stone Paper in comparison with virgin pulp paper and recycled paper:

PRINTitGO & Stone Paper Application:

Stone Paper applications are not limited to printing, publishing and packaging industries

  • Stone Paper behaves similarly to matt or glossy offset paper when in interaction with offset printing machine, therefore there is no need for different type of ink or plate (Zinc)
  • Since there is no fiber or cellulose material used in the production of the Stone Paper, natural temperature variances doesn’t have any effect on the paper, therefore it will not react to expansion and contraction, thus making it extremely attractive to offset printing machine operators
  • Even though labels made with Stone Paper are very similar in looks and certain characteristics to PVC sheets, they can still be printed using regular inks without the extra attention needed with PVC printing.
  • Stone Paper can be used for indoors and outdoors banners with machines which its temperature does not exceed 100 degrees Celsius (Latex printing).
  • Stone Paper unlike PVC sheet, dries extremely quick at delivery
  • For all technical assistance with Stone Paper, please do not hesitate to contact us.