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Every Monday, our team meets together to kick start the week. We all discuss what we did on the weekend, what we are looking forward to this week at work and enjoy some coffee. Why do we do this? Our team leader found the article below and implemented it immediately. The difference in energy and culture at our marketing office is worth the 15 minutes every Monday morning. Thanks for helping our team!

1.) Refocus on Strategies

Getting together your team on a Monday after the weekend is a great way to refocus everyone to make sure they are aware of what is going on in your company and what goals they should be working towards to support the growth of your organization. Your Monday Motivation meeting should include refocusing on the tasks at hand and what is coming down the pipeline can help to keep everyone on track and aware of the roles and contributions that they are responsible for. Make sure everything is clear to all of the parties involved and give the opportunity for questions to be heard loud and clear in front of all of the members of the group who are probably impacted by that persons questions. Refocus the group, set in place action plans and know that the success you hope to see will be more easily attainable.

2) Re-energize the Team

Monday Motivation meetings may not seem like the time to re-energize your team but it is a great opportunity that you should take advantage of and one that you may not have thought of before. A traditional way to re-energize your team is to make a Monday meeting fun and unexpected. As always, bringing in breakfast or coffee will assist in getting the company morale up in times of low Monday productivity. This is also an opportunity to provide some personal recognition for people who have been going above and beyond in the work that they are doing. A little healthy competition for recognition in doing a good job at work is a great way to re-energize a team that seems to have fallen flat, especially on a Monday.

3) Re-group the Team

Mondays after the weekend mean that everyone has had a chance to take a step away from work. What that also means is everyone has both had the chance to clear their mind and think about the tasks at hand in a different light. A Monday meeting is a perfect follow up opportunity to a meeting from the previous week that both left a lot of questions unanswered or if more brainstorm and ideas were needed. Bring your team together and briefly touch on the points that were discussed from the previous week to see if there are any new developments. You will want to be cautious with this because you don’t want it to seem as though you are having two meetings about the exact same topic because then people will feel as though they are wasting their time.

4) Increase Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is extremely important to how your business operates and a Monday motivational meeting is a great avenue to increasing employee engagement. When you put a group of people in a room together to talk about what they are doing in their roles and how they may need help or want ideas, it gives the others in the room the opportunity to provide a different perspective. Employee engagement will then take place as people collaborate and share ideas, which will ultimately result in even better ideas coming to light for an organization. Foster an environment on your team where you can get people to share their projects and ideas and watch as those projects and ideas develop even more. Employee engagement is also important because of the opportunity for change that it brings by people being able to express ideas that are not as positive but equally as constructive to a team, organization and business.

5) Inspire the Team

Motivating employees on a Monday is of course no easy task but sometimes motivation can be found through inspiration. When you have a meeting and the group is all settled down in the room, take the opportunity to share the stories of other people and organizations who may be experiencing some of the things that your team is experiencing in their own work. When people hear of the success of others despite the hardships they have faced, they become inspired to do the same. Take the opportunity to share stories that involve your own personal experiences as well. As a leader, you are looked to because of the experience and expertise that come with the opportunity to lead. Share some stories when they are relevant to the team discussion at hand and see how the people on your team react. It is important to not become too self-centered in sharing personal stories so that people are genuinely interested in your experience and truly feel inspired.

Don’t Hate Mondays Anymore

Take a dreaded Monday meeting and turn it into something more powerful than you imagined with the help of the tips that we have listed above. There is a great opportunity to be found in making the most of a situation that is not traditionally perceived to be the best, but you will be able to see valuable results throughout the process. Try out different ways to motivate your team on a Monday and solicit feedback from those involved to see what else could furthered be improved to keep motivation high and to positively impact your business and organization.

Monday Motivation should take place every Monday.



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