Pixel Perfect Large Format Printing Vancouver

Pixel Perfect Large Format Printing Vancouver

At PRINTitGO we offer to lead Vancouver design and printing services to clients for a wide range of uses. Our experienced teams of craftsmen will be able to help you from the early creative stage right through to the finished product and installation.

Our team of creatives is trained and experienced working with a large spectrum of different design and print services, but in this post, we would like to focus particularly on our large format printing Vancouver service.

Our cutting-edge HP Laserjet 64 printer can create stunning, high quality, high-resolution images of up to 64 inches wide. These large format prints can be used as signs, banners, and are used for a wide range of marketing uses. Large format prints are perfect for advertising your store, event, and are ideal for business fairs and shows.

As mentioned, some of the most common uses for large format printing include business signs and marketing materials, as well as other professional purposes. As such, quality is absolutely essential, as you wouldn’t want a poor quality sign or poster to reflect badly upon your business, in fact, this is probably the exact opposite effect that you want to achieve.

One of the biggest challenges, then, with large format printing, is quality, but that isn’t an issue at PRINTitGO. Our large format printer is state of the art and creates perfect pixel quality prints, whatever the size (up to 64 inches wide). This allows you to use graphics, text, images, and even high res photos as part of your signage or marketing campaign.

Imagine the difference between the reception that you’ll receive and the impression others will have of your business with a perfect quality, professional sign, compared to one which is blurry.

Besides our large format printing services, we also offer an enormous range of other fully customizable print shop services. We offer our clients a range of options for printing booklets, leaflets, and catalogs, as well as business cards, custom stickers and labels, as well as a host of more specialist services.

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