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Brochure Printing Vancouver | Brochures are one of the most important pieces of printed marketing material an organization or corporation can have.

10 Free Blueprints On Us


Bring your ideas to live with blueprints.

Fast and on-demand turnaround, consistent quality and great customer service for all your color and black/white blueprint drawings. 

The large size creates an easy-to-read alternative for sharing ideas with clients and contractors. Delineate the finer points of a design without worrying about inaccuracies during reproduction. The crisp, white paper makes every detail stand out, displaying lines and graphics with the meticulous accuracy required by architects and builders. Present a design or idea to a group using your blueprints makes it easy for everyone to see and share in the discussion. Center conversations around this visual to reach consensus on a project’s requirements and to promote your ideas with ease.

At PRINTitGO, the blueprints we print reproduce line drawings and graphics with high definition and contrast.

Choose the size and price to suit your budget and needs with the two options available for these prints. Use the smaller size for personal perusal, saving the large prints for on-site reference.

Some examples of what Blueprints can be used for:


Size Options:

  • 24″x36″
  • 36″x48″
  • Other sizes available upon request.

How Fast?

We can have your blueprints ready in the same day for less  than 10 blueprints ordered and 1 business day for 11 or more. Are you in rush? Ask us for a rush order and we can assist you in getting you setup.