Quality booklet Printing Vancouver

Quality booklet Printing Vancouver


At PRINTitGO we specialize in providing professional and premium design and print services for all your business needs. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at our booklet printing Vancouver services, as well as some of our most popular alternatives for presenting product lines, portfolios, and more.

Our booklet product lines are all designed for professional use with clients, colleagues, and other stakeholders. We offer a range of multi-page print services including books, binders, manuals, periodicals, directories, catalogs and more, and all of our products are customizable to allow you to create the exact product that you have in mind.

We create custom designs in-house complete with your specified branding or design before taking you through our in-house binding options to assist you in finding the best binding solution for your needs.

We produce small runs and large runs, depending on your needs. Small runs are great when you regularly change and update information or new products such as seasonal lines, and it also prevents you from having to store unused and out of date copies, while reducing waste. Large runs, on the other hand, can save you money and are especially useful for large businesses with multiple offices across the country.

Our documents and booklets are used for a wide selection of different uses, some of the most popular being, sales booklets, catalogs, annual reports such as financial reports, real estate presentation folders, product catalogs, magazines, and other general types of documentation. If you are unsure whether our documents will work for a particular project you have in mind, please get in touch and we are sure to work out a custom solution for you.

All of our booklet and documents can be delivered with a quick turnaround. Different materials and binding methods can have a varied turnaround time, but we approximate most jobs can be finished in three to four working days. If you’re in a hurry, please get in touch as we can also offer priority delivery to speed up the process.

Of the different variations available for our booklets and catalogs, we offer a range of sizes, and page numbers in order to tailor our product to your needs. We offer page variations including 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, and 32-page options as standard (including front and back cover), but are happy to personalize smaller or larger booklets too.

We also offer plenty of different binding options in-house, to allow you to have as much control as possible each step of the way, and of the finished product. Our premium binding options include:

  • Perfect Binding
  • Saddle Stitch Binding
  • Spiral and Coil Binding
  • Wire Binding (tin wire)
  • Ringed Binders
  • 3 Ring Binders

Though certain types of product are better suited with particular binding methods, on the whole, the choice is usually mainly an aesthetic one. You should choose the option that you think best suits your booklet or catalog, and the spirit of your business. Perfect binding is recommended for a professional finish, whereas spiral and coil binding offers a slightly more fun and relaxed appeal. And, of course, all of our booklets can be personalized to make use of your business branding.

If you think that you require a smaller sized option, perhaps for marketing mail outs, or for providing a small product selection, we can also offer a custom service for flyers and leaflets, so please check out this service if you think it might better suit your needs.

In addition to all of the professionally printed products listed above, our booklets and catalogs can also be fully designed in-house. As well as a leading printing service, PRINTitGO also offers professional design and graphic design services.

These can be used for designing your booklets, page by page, including front and back designs. This allows us to walk you through the process from the start to the end. Designing your product before sending it to the presses, and this can also save you money compared to using two separate companies, as well as removing many potential complications.

Our design services are also available across a wide range of purposes, from marketing to branding, and even web design. We help our clients build a professional brand image and execute that image across all areas of business, from packaging to stationary, letterheads, branded envelopes, and much, much more.

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