Stone Paper Makes Printing Greener

Stone Paper makes printing green

Stone Paper Makes Printing Greener

In the turn of centuries, it is quite impressive to discover that inventors are not only considering technological improvements in the field of production and printing. Latest advancements revealed some environmentally friendly initiative and alternative to traditional printing methods and practices.

The stone paper has been the newest addition to the printing industry. It is described as synthetic and biodegradable paper which serves the same purpose as that of a regular sheet. It is known to be water resistant and can be easily printed by common printing machines and methods. It largely contributes to environmental printing because it involves tree-less production as it uses powdered limestone as the major feedstock rather than traditional means of trees or wood.

Stone paper is described to be glossy with a matte finish to surface, very durable and tear resistant, with high smear resistance, and does not involve trees or other wood by-products for its creation. The stone paper makes printing greener because it is a new way to deal with the important process of printing by using other alternatives that will work just the same.

Companies which implemented stone paper printing aims to give buyers a viable option to conventional printing which is comparable in price and quality while it reduces the need for tree cutting. Stone paper no longer uses a tree as the raw material but instead uses natural stone, inorganic mineral powder and trace amounts of non-toxic resins. It limits environmental impact and reduces the loss of trees in forests. Stone Paper printing is a vital step to preserving the nature while simultaneously continuing the business of print industry.

Stone paper printing is now slowly gaining popularity among print businesses and will eventually be a normal printing method someday. It will see trees keep their significant spaces in the environment field and will not cease any printing market available today.

Stone paper prints and finishes like traditional wood pulp fiber paper and it is even more susceptible to damages because it is built with the versatility and durability of a synthetic paper. A stone paper should be tolerated to enter the printing business because it aims to change the degrading process of production of current printing papers.

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