The ABCs of Business Cards

The ABCs of Business Cards

Remember the iconic American Psycho business card scene? My theory is that they’re onto something.

Business cards may be the first point of contact your customer has with your company. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a customer to see your business card before they see you. Scary thought, hey? It is and it isn’t. It’s exciting because it gives you an opportunity to show off what you can do before you actually have to do anything. It’s tricky considering your canvas measures 3.5×2 inches. In any case, it’s a good opportunity to rethink what you’re trying to convey through your branding!

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We’ve done business cards for plenty of industries. What we love most is guessing your service through your design! (We can also help with the design if you’re coming up short of ideas!) Here at PRINTitGO we’re not just printers, we specialize in design and marketing, too. Since our primary goal is to grow your business, we compiled this list of basic tips to help you design the perfect business card:

1.) Keep it simple. A rookie mistake is to cram too much info on your business card. Remember, you get 3.5×2 inches. Make ALL the space count and make sure every single element serves a purpose.

2.) Keep your contact info minimal. With the Internet, it’s not as necessary to write all your contact information; people are used to going on websites to check phone numbers and addresses. We’re seeing more and more business cards that contain only a website. Depending on the importance of your social presence, consider adding your Instagram handle to your business card.

3.) Make your logo a focal point. Logos are so important in branding; it’s important for it to be very noticeable. Consider putting only your logo on the flip side of your business card.

4.) Legibility. Make sure the font is easy to read.

5.) Colours. We know it’s fun to experiment with colours, but please please keep them minimal.

5.) After the fact. Consider additional packaging to make your card stand out. Make sure you’re carrying more than one at a time (so your card can be distributed to others!).

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