The Unparalleled Act of Proofreading

The Unparalleled Act of Proofreading

As printers and designers, we look at materials very closely and for very long. So we might be inclined to notice typos a bit more than the average reader. Then again, if we notice them, others might as well (and we don’t want that!). There are many ways to simplify the daunting process of proofreading and ever more reasons as to why the process is crucial. At PRINTitGO our primary goal is, of course, to help your business grow (and this post is proof of that!).

Writing and editing are an art form and require a human element. Proofreading, however, is not art but rather science. If it can be categorized mathematically, it can be learned.

Spelling and grammar mistakes can be distracting, change the meaning of a text, and negatively impact the meaning of the text. Moreover, and perhaps most important, they can negatively impact your company’s legitimacy. Many editors and academics won’t consider material complete until the proofreading process has been finalized, as we all should. While our in-house expert’s double check for you, we can’t always be 100 percent sure.


1.) Finish before you start. Editing throughout is important, but proofing is another story and requires a different mindset. Before you start proofreading, dissociate yourself with the editing process.

2.) Forget the story. As a proofreader, you’re taking on a different role. The story shouldn’t matter to you—just the words.

3.) FACTS. We can’t stress this one enough. Only you and those involved can know if the facts are accurate. Make sure they are. This includes facts, dates, quotes, and references.

4.) Work from a printout. Working from a screen starts to hurt your eyes after a while (duh!). Using a printed document offers a fresh point of view.  

5.) Check your formatting. You want it to be consistent throughout to avoid looking unprofessional. This one’s also important because our other alternative, as your printer, is an unnecessary back-and-forth.

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