The use of stone paper in the field of technology

The use of stone paper in the field of technology

Stone paper and the tech industry are loosely connected to one another. The new paper type revolutionized the way printing companies work as it presents the same function of the material but is made from a different process and is finished with a characteristic which is far different from the normal paper.

This type of paper is usually used for the fine journal from companies such as Moleskine, Ciak, and Cartesio. It is a product made out crushed stone powder, or calcium carbonate, which is widely found throughout nature. Studies reveal that calcium carbonate is evident in natural gem rocks like limestones, mollusks and other marine organism shells and pearls. The stone paper has already made a significant contribution to the printing industry because it has been used in traditional papermaking to serve as fillers, coatings, and whiteners.

BC Tech is launching its annual conference in Vancouver Canada and every year, its purpose is to bring business owner, entrepreneurs, and technicians together to showcase the improvement of the technology industry yearly. It is focused on tracking methods that have changed and improved in the way business works, transforming customer experience and driving growth within all segments of the economy.

The conference allows other operators to build cross-sector opportunities for businesses and explore the latest ideas that will further drive sales and create a competitive market advantage over other businesses. One of these explored ideas is the production of stone paper. It has very attractive qualities which are more appealing than normal paper. It is smoother to write, more durable, and can even be tear-resistant.

Tech industry and any other businesses benefit significantly from this product as It Is used for stationary, leaflets, posters, magazine, packaging, and wallpaper which may be used as promotional materials to further advertise the products and service in the right target market.

Stone paper is proven to have strong demand from companies as it is a better alternative to standard paper due to the wide availability of its raw products. It also helps the environment and the community as the stone paper is purely made from natural materials and those which are most common on the planet. Therefore, having said this, companies using stone paper are marketing it on terms of eco-friendliness and its resource efficiency. Since its byproducts are from limestones and public quarries, the production of trees would already see a reduction or even evasion of worldwide logging.

This is the purpose of BC Tech Summit, to understand how new products evolve and help in the improvement of a number of companies within the industry. Stone paper production does not only provides benefit in an environmental way but also reduces the time and effort for the manufacturing process as experts believe that making stone paper only requires half the energy needed to produce normal paper.
The stone paper has helped promote tech industries for a number of years, advertising the new products that it is capable of producing. It has been a model of the materials that tech industries can establish, something that is long-lasting and a product that explores all options in terms of resource. The stone paper has been widely known for its water-repellent quality and its resistance to age deterioration.

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