UV Coating: High Gloss Coating

Your printed marketing materials may be your only opportunity to get your customer’s attention in today’s increasingly competitive markets. Why not make them really shine, and catch their attention? You may want to check out the advantages of using UV coating.

What is UV Coating?

UV coating, or ultraviolet coating, is a very glossy, shiny coating applied to the printed paper surface and cured on a special machine using ultraviolet light. These special UV coatings harden, or cure when they receive ultraviolet radiation.

UV coating makes your printed material eye catching, and is perfect for products such as postcards, hand-out sheets, presentation folders, business cards, door hangers or any product that can benefit from a rich, glossy and dramatic look.

What are the Benefits of UV Coatings?

Ultraviolet coating has several advantages over other coating methods such as aqueous coating or varnish. They include:

  • Very high shine finish
    When UV is used on deep, rich colors, like blues and dark tones, the result is an almost wet appearance. This can effect can make image-rich projects look phenomenal. The stunning shine it creates is why it is so popular for certain designs and products.
  • Good abrasion resistance
    If your printed piece is going to be handed out or travel through the mail, the combination of a visually appealing piece and added durability makes for a great combo for postcards, brochures or business cards. The UV coating allows the mailed piece to resist smudging and marking and allows it to maintain a professional, high quality appearance due to an extremely hard finish, one known for being both chemical and abrasion resistant.
  • High clarity
    UV coatings helps make details pop and stand out, and are perfect for photographic images and company logos.
  • Environmentally friendly
    PRINTitGO uses UV coatings that are free of solvents and do not emit volatile organic compounds, or VOCs when cured.
  • Instantaneous drying time with UV light exposure
    By drying so quickly, the use of UV coating helps reduce production time, enabling earlier shipping and delivery times.

When is UV Coating Not the Best Option?

While UV coating works great for a wide variety of printed pieces, there are a number of instances where UV coating is not a good fit.

  • When using Metallic Inks
  • On text weight paper under 100#
  • On uncoated paper stocks
  • When the piece has Foil Stamping
  • Anything that needs to be written on
  • The addressed portion of a mailing piece

More Ways to Make You Shine
Coatings allow you to really make your printed piece stand out. Depending on what kind of end result you want to achieve, coatings work to enhance the desired outcome. Use UV coating to make those rich, full color photos stand out, allow your strong graphical elements to pop, and really showcase your products.

How much does UV coating cost?
Fortunately, you can get all the great benefits of UV coating without spending much at all. The price to UV coat any given item ultimately depends on what type of item it is, how many you will be printing.

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