White Ink Can Give Your Brand a Competitive Edge

White Ink Can Give Your Brand a Competitive Edge

For the most part, we print our products on white media (paper, business cards, and other white surfaces). But what about printing with white ink instead? This new trend has been keeping us plenty busy! PRINTitGO, the one-stop shop for your business’ printing, design, and marketing needs, is one of the only places in Vancouver using white ink.

Of course you’ve already worked so hard on your branding, so why stop now? This innovative new trend is still relatively new and, more importantly, it’ll give your branding a competitive edge.

HP Indigo is the only digital press that can accommodate the growing market. From greeting cards to labels to packaging, the ink is opening new opportunities for creative expression. And, might we point out, that’s how businesses grow. When printing labels and packaging with HP Indigo presses, HP Indigo ElectroInk White creates an opaque look and solid backing for labels, shrink sleeves, and flexible packaging applications. The ink can also be used to bring out existing colours. Try coloured, metallic, and transparent substrates for best results.

According to a recent article by Packaging Digest, the appeal of white ink is in large part to be able to showcase your company’s creativity. Not to mention it makes for a sweet final product!

We’ve been working with plenty of companies recently loving this look on their products, and we’re ready for plenty more! PRINTitGO also offers in-house design services (in case you’re coming up short of printed marketing ideas!).

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