Why Promotional Items Will Stay Relevant

Why Promotional Items Will Stay Relevant

Your brand is the most important tool you have (or so we’ve come to believe!), which makes marketing a priority. While social media is a priority too, there is a bracket of people who aren’t yet persuaded by it. Regardless of your customer’s interest in social media, printed promotional items give your brand more visibility. To help out (and because we just adore marketing!) we wrote info on a few pivotal items we suggest you look into for your business. (We’re really excited about the calendars!)



Calendars, as a promotional item, are a good idea primarily because they double as a time keep. Not only is it useful, the calendar serves as a daily reminder to your client of your company’s brand. Moreover, calendars are fun and an opportunity to get creative! AND, while we do offer excellent in-house design services, they are actually quite simple (and fun!) to design yourself. They can also be printed in a bunch of shapes and sizes. So it ends up being pretty hassle-free!

You can always send off your calendars to customers as a Christmas present (conveniently right before the new year!), leave some at local businesses, or hand some out at local festivals and events.



These might be the most popular because of their relevance and simplicity. As they say, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! A classic promotional item never goes out of style. We suggest sending them out on birthdays, Christmas, and company events. One more thing: be creative with your design!



We know for a fact clients love receiving notebooks. Saves them a trip to the shop and helps them remember their weekend chores! Plus, every time they write something down they’ll see your company’s name. Win, win.

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