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Please read carefully before proceeding (Updated: October, 2019)

Welcome to  The Site is operated by Juke Box Print. The products or services provided by PRINTitGO on the Website or in connection with the Website (the “Services”) are provided to users of the Website (“You” or “you”), individually (or, if you are using the Website on behalf of an organization, the organization), subject to the following terms and conditions (the “Service Terms”). Please read these Service Terms carefully before accessing or using the Services. By clicking a box that indicates you agree to the Service Terms, or by otherwise accessing or using the Services, you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you do not wish to be bound by these Service Terms, please do not access or use the Services.  PRINTitGO reserves the right to change the Website or the Service Terms at any time without any notice to you.

1.     Other Terms

Terms additional to these Service Terms may be presented to you as you are using the Services or particular aspects of the Services. You agree to comply with any such additional terms, which are incorporated in these Service Terms by reference.

2.     Accounts

You may be asked to register with the Website in order to use the Services, and PRINTitGO will provide you with a username and password for the Website. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your username and password, and you accept responsibility for all activities incurred under your username and password.  You will notify PRINTitGO immediately of any unauthorized use of your account or any other breach of security at the email address:

3.     Security and Privacy Policy

PRINTitGO recognizes the importance of maintaining your privacy. Our collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information, which may include your phone number, email address, name, and credit card number, is governed by our Privacy Policy at: This Privacy Policy applies to current and former visitors to, or users of, the Website, including you. This Privacy Policy does not apply to information about you collected by our affiliates or third-party websites that may post links or advertisements on or otherwise be accessible from the Website.

4.     Use of the Website

Provided that you continue to comply with these Service Terms, PRINTitGO grants you a personal, non-assignable, and non-exclusive license to access and use the Website, upload content to the Website (“Your Content”), access content made available by PRINTitGO on the Website (the “Website Content”), and create and submit orders (each an “Order”) for products and services available on the Website. No other download, retention, use, publication, or distribution of any portion of the Website Content is authorized or permitted.  Other than with respect to Your Content, you are not entitled to use any portion of the Website Content, other than on the paper products produced by PRINTitGO in accordance with your Order (the “Products”). 

Except as expressly provided herein, you may not use the Website to engage in any unlawful activity or to infringe PRINTitGO’s rights. You further agree that you will, and you will not allow your employees or agents, as applicable, to: (a) modify, republish, upload, post, transmit, sell or distribute in any way the Website Content, without the prior written permission of PRINTitGO; (b) translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble the Website Content; (c) remove any proprietary notices or labels on the Website Content; (d) violate, plagiarize or infringe on the rights of any third party, including copyright, trade-mark, privacy or publicity, contract or other personal or proprietary rights; (e) interfere with the operation of the Website, in any way or interfere with anyone’s use or enjoyment of the Website or use the Website to gain unauthorized access to other computer systems; (f) transmit any unlawful, harassing, slanderous, defamatory, abusive, threatening, or harmful material of any kind or nature or transmit any material that encourages conduct that could constitute a criminal offence, give rise to civil liability, or otherwise violate any applicable local, provincial, state, national or international law or regulation; (g) impersonate any person or entity on or through the Website; (h) post any content that may be considered threatening, abusive, vulgar, obscene, or otherwise objectionable (i) copy, reproduce, modify, sell, lease, scrape content from or aggregate, sublicense, market, or otherwise change or commercially exploit in any way the Website other than as may be expressly permitted in writing by PRINTitGO or as permitted pursuant to any fair use, fair dealing, or similar provisions of applicable laws. You agree that any copy of the Website or the Website Content which you are permitted to make under the Terms shall retain all copyright and other proprietary notices in the same form and manner as on the original.

5.Your Content

You are solely responsible for Your Content, including, without limitation, in combination with any other images, graphics, text or other materials, including any Website Content, you incorporate into the Products. You agree that you will not include any text, image, design, trademark, service mark, or any copyrighted work of any third party in any of your Orders, unless you have obtained the appropriate authorizations from the third-party owners. You represent and warrant that Your Content does not infringe upon any rights of any third party, including, without limitation, rights in copyright, trade-mark, and publicity or privacy, and Your Content will not libel or defame any third party, and that you have all required rights or permissions necessary to incorporate Your Content into the Products. By placing an Order, you represent and warrant that you have all necessary permission, right and authority to place the Order and you authorize PRINTitGO to produce the Products on your behalf.

PRINTitGO does not claim ownership of Your Content. However, by submitting your Content, you grant to PRINTitGO, its affiliates, and sublicensees a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, transferable, worldwide non-exclusive right to use or incorporate Your Content (in whole or in part) for the purpose of producing the Products. You also represent and warrant that the holder of any rights in Your Content, including any moral rights, has completely and effectively waived all such rights and validly and irrevocably granted to you the right to grant the license stated above. Subject to these Service Terms, the owner of Your Content retains any and all rights that may exist in such content.

6.     PRINTitGO Intellectual Property

The copyright to the Website, the design and appearance of the Website, and all the material and the Website Content, other than Your Content, are owned by or licensed to PRINTitGO. This material is protected by law against unauthorized copying and reproduction. Any use, reproduction, or distribution of the Website Content, including caching, framing, or similar means, from the Website or reproduction, distribution, use of any templates (except as permitted herein), without permission of PRINTitGO is expressly prohibited.

“PRINTitGO” and other PRINTitGO graphics, logos, publication designs, and service names are trademarks of PRINTitGO or its affiliates or associates. All other trademarks not owned by PRINTitGO or its affiliates that appear on the Website are the property of their respective owners, who may or may not be affiliated with, connected to, or sponsored by PRINTitGO or its affiliates. The display of any trademarks on the Website does not imply that a license has been granted to you or any other party for any further use.

7.     Ordering

(a)     Product Proof and No Refunds. By clicking “I accept” on the Website after the proof for the Product (the “Product Proof”) has been provided to you during the Order placement process, you acknowledge and agree that you (i) have verified that spelling and content in the Product Proof are correct; (ii) you are satisfied with the document layout in the Product Proof; (iii) understand that the PRINTitGO will produce the Product in accordance with its appearance on the Product Proof (subject to the limitations specified herein); and (iv) cannot make any changes to the Order once the Order is placed, irrespective of whether you have actually reviewed the Product Proof or not.  You, and not PRINTitGO, assume all responsibility for any typographical errors or any other errors found in the Products that are also in the Product Proof. You acknowledge and agree that PRINTitGO is not responsible for any errors in the Products found on the Product Proof which you did not inform PRINTitGO.  Notwithstanding any of the foregoing, except where PRINTitGO has failed to provide you with any Products, upon PRINTitGO’s commencement of production under an Order, you will not be entitled to, and PRINTitGO will in no event be required to provide, any refunds of the fees you paid for such Order for any reason whatsoever. If a refund is requested 24 hours after the date it was purchased, then a 5% transaction fee will apply regardless if any files have been uploaded. This is to offset the transaction fee PRINTitGO needs to pay its merchant. Custom orders that require a specialty order for a paper stock or other material that is not kept in stock will not qualify for a complete refund. The customer will either need to pay a restocking fee of 25% of the order or need to pay for the entire contents of the specialty material if it cannot be returned.

(b)     Color Shift: You acknowledge and agree that PRINTitGO will not be responsible for any color shift that occurs in conversions from RGB to CMYK or PMS Pantone colors to CMYK color modes. All artwork, designs and images provided by you to PRINTitGO for incorporation into any Products must be provided with a minimum of 300 DPI. PRINTitGO is not responsible for the degradation in quality of the images printed, including fuzziness, distortion, pixilation, or any other type of degradation from the provided artwork, designs, and images when such degradation is caused by the nature of artwork you provided to PRINTitGO, including, without limitation, where the image has a resolution that is lower than 300 DPI. PRINTitGO is not responsible for any color shift in converted photographs with black, near black, or gray tones. PRINTitGO will use commercially reasonable efforts to match the colors in the Product Proofs to the Products.

(c)     Bleed or Crop Marks: PRINTitGO will not process any files provided by a customer without bleed or crop marks when such marks are required. PRINTitGO will add bleed or crop marks to such files at an additional minimum fee of $45. All files you provide to PRINTitGO for making an Order require a safe margin of ¼inch, and PRINTitGO will not be responsible for any problems on the Product with insufficient safe margin.

(d)     Templates/Online Templates: PRINTitGO will not be responsible for your use of outdated templates. Before making an Order, you represent and warrant that you have downloaded and used the latest version of PRINTitGO’s templates from the Website. The templates made available to you by PRINTitGO on the Website are designed specifically for use with the Website and PRINTitGO and not for any other purpose. In the event you wish to make changes, alterations, or modifications to the free templates, you will be responsible for any such changes, alterations, or modifications, including using a professional designer for such purpose. For your convenience, the Website contains a list of professional designers. PRINTitGO is not affiliated with the designers in any manner, and PRINTitGO is not responsible for any errors, issues, or other problems caused by the work of such designers.

(e)     Color Proofing & Ink Matching: PRINTitGO is not responsible for matching color or ink density on the Products to the Product Proofs. While Product Proofs will predict design layout, text accuracy, image proportion and placement, they cannot be used to assess color or ink density in the Products. You acknowledge and agree that the Product Proofs do not show transparency and over print issues, and they do not reflect color change from RGB to CMYK. Proofing does not check for hidden layers artwork and PRINTitGO will not be responsible for any print issues resulting from hidden layers. You acknowledge and agree that PRINTitGO may produce the Products with other products ordered by other customers, and as such, there may be deviation in color or ink density in the Products when compared to the Product Proofs. PRINTitGO accepts no responsibility for color variations between submitted images and the actual artwork or product they represent.  PRINTitGO does not print using pantones or specialty inks, as it only uses CMYK to process print jobs. PRINTitGO is not responsible for color errors found in the Product Proof, and PRINTitGO does not represent or warrant to consistent colors on the Products when compared to the Proofs. Application of coatings may affect or change the appearance of the printed colors on the Products.

(f)     Order Approval: You are responsible for reviewing each Order and the Product Proof provided to you prior to making an Order. PRINTitGO will not accept changes to Orders you have placed. In the event you accidentally made an incorrect Order, including, without limitation, the uploading of the wrong file, PRINTitGO will charge a $10 re-submission fee, although you may still have to bear the cost of the initial Order as PRINTitGO may have already processed the Order and began production. In the event PRINTitGO already started production of the Products, PRINTitGO, in its absolute discretion, has the right to reject any re-submissions.  Where you fail to review the Product Proof and ask PRINTitGO to print the Products without review or approval of the Product Proof, you will do so your own risk, and PRINTitGO will not be responsible for any errors, problems, or other issues with the Products where the Product Proof has not been reviewed. PRINTitGO has no responsibility to re-print any Order if flaws, errors, or problems are found in the Product Proof after initial production. Notwithstanding any of the foregoing, PRINTitGO is not responsible for any errors in a Product caused by any of the following reasons: misspelling, graphics, bleeds, grammar, damaged fonts, punctuation, wrong cuts, incorrect or missing folds, die lines, crop marks, transparency, overprint, incorrect colors, finished size of the Product, insufficient safe margin PRINTitGO does not represent or warrant to the exact quantities of any Order, provided however that quantity deviation will in no event exceed 5% of the amount specified in such Order. PRINTitGO does not represent or warrant that the Product produced on a re-order will be identical to the Products produced under the original Order.

(g)     Order Cancellation: An Order cannot be cancelled or modified once it has gone into production, and PRINTitGO is not responsible for any refunds once the Order has gone into production. If an Order is a Custom Print and stock, materials or procedures need to be conducted specifically for this order, a full refund will not be able even if the order has yet to go into production. PRINTitGO is not responsible for any duplicated orders that are placed on the Website.

(h)     Warnings: PRINTitGO sends out warnings before emailing proofs, about potential problems that may occur during printing. These messages are sent during the proofing process and it is your responsibility to read these warnings before accepting the proof. If you accept the proof without changing these potential problems, then PRINTitGO is not responsible if this error(s) occurs during printing. A reprint will not be honored in such situations. Some of the most come warnings are: text too close to edges, boarders, fraying of cards when dark colors are used, low resolution and color matching (most common ones are: blood red, navy blue and specific greys).

(i)     Reprints: A reprint will only be honored if a shipping error or printing error occurs. Shipping errors occur if a package is damaged or lost after being picked up by a shipping provider. Since these issues are not directly related to issues cause by PRINTitGO, customers will first need to file the issue with the appropriate shipping provider. Once this has been done, PRINTitGO can then file a claim with the shipping provider to receive compensation. If the claim is not approved by the shipping provide, and PRINTitGO is not compensated, then it is to the discretion of PRINTitGO if a reprint can be honored. Shipping providers need adequate evidence to approve a claim. It is the responsibility of the customer to supply the proper proof (pictures, samples, tracking number, etc.) for the claim.

Printing errors are classified as misprints or trimming issues that are caused by mistakes in the production process that are outside a machines error value. The reason a reprint is offered for these issues is because if the order were printed again using the same conditions, the issue would not happen again. Machines are maintained and calibrated to the keep them functioning properly, but there are still error values associated with each machine, which do not qualify orders for a reprint if they fall within these values. The purpose of a reprint is to replace a defective product; however, if a shift occurs on the cards that is within the error values of the machines, this does not qualify as a printing error. PRINTitGO asks for .125″ of bleed on all print files because of the shifts that can occur when printing and trimming an order. If there is a shift (off center) of 0.0625 inches or less, this will not be classified as a printing error and will not qualify for a reprint. Depending on when a card is printed, there can be similar color shifts that occur from one press run to the next. If the same CMYK values are used for printing multiple orders on separate press runs (ordered at different times), there is a potential color shift of 10% between runs. An order will not qualify for a reprint if there is a 10% color variation or less from the previous order. 

The exact same file will need to be used for the reprint process. If a client requests to change their file, this will be considered a new order. Any design errors will not be given a reprint as it is the responsibility of the client to look over their proof before approving it to print. “File error” and other warning messages are sent out for this reason. If the client decides to proceed with an order without changing their design, then they take complete responsibility if such error occurs.
The only way a reprint will be able to be considered is if PRINTitGO (1) 5% of the finished product is return with the same printing error on all the card or (2) a claim is granted by PRINTitGO’s shipping provider for any lost or damaged package(s). It is in the sole discretion of PRINTitGO to request more than 5% of the order, including the whole order, if the entire order needs to be reprinted. Reprints will only be honored if a request is submitted within 14 days after receiving your product. Reprints for shipping errors will take two weeks before getting approved or declined as shipping claims take two weeks to be processed. If a reprint is being shipped out for a second time and the price of shipping exceeds 20% of the product cost before taxes, then the customer must pay for 50% for the shipping cost. Customers will have to pay for shipping in full when an order has been shipped out more than twice.

(j)     Design Orders: Design quotes are based on the estimated time it will take to complete. In some cases, this time will be over or underestimated; however, the price will remain the same once the design quote has been accepted by the customer. A design service does not include the printing price unless stated.
A design order will be completed once you have accepted your design proof. If you are unhappy with the finished design(s) then another design quote will be sent out for any changes that PRINTitGO needs to make. If the changes are minor, and if PRINTitGO has not gone over their estimated time to complete such design, a change may be made with no additional fee under the discretion of PRINTitGO. A DESIGN ORDER CAN NOT BE CANCELLED OR PARTIALLY REFUNDED ONCE THE FINAL DESIGN HAS BEEN SENT TO THE CUSTOMER. If you decide to cancel a design order after being paid for and before being completed, then you will need to pay for services rendered, which is a minimum of $75 per hour. If no design work has been done when an order is cancelled, then the customer will only need to pay a 5% transaction fee on the price of their order, if cancelled later then the date of purchase.

(k)     Sample Packs: Sample packs are sent out to provide an idea of what a finished product may look like. PRINTitGO does not guarantee stock or coating consistency of a finished product. Various seasonal and economical factors may affect the printing process, and for this reason, finished products may vary from the samples received. 

(l)      Finished Product: PRINTitGO will not offer a reprint or compensation if less than 5% of the product quantity is missing or defective. This is because specific bindery services can damage products, limiting the number of the finished product.

For orders that have been selected as “pick up”, the customer will need to pick these orders up within 6 months of the order being ready. Due to the large volume of products and limited inventory space, cards may be removed and recycled after this time.

(m)    Sale Items: No other promotions, promo codes, in-store credits, customer discount levels, sponsorship discounts or other discounts can be used on sale items. All files for sale item orders are required to be proof accepted within one week (7 days) from the date the sale expires, unless otherwise stated. If the files on the order are approved after these 7 days, the customer will need to pay the regular price of the cards as it is listed on the website for the same product. For regularly priced cards, customers will have 6 months to approve their file(s) to guarantee no price change. If the files are uploaded after this time, then the person will need to pay the price of the cards as listed on our website. Sale items can only be rushed to meet a deadline if the regular price of the item is paid for plus any applicable rush charges.

Sale prices can only be honored during the designated sale time. Products placed before the sale date can only be honored during the sale if the order has yet to go into “prepress”. If the order is in “prepress”, or has previously been in prepress, then the sale price cannot be honored.

Promotional products that are ordered, or given away, at no charge to the customer, do not qualify for any form of compensation if there is an error with printing, designing, shipping, etc.

(n)    Saved Designs: Due to the large volume of files received, PRINTitGO does not save files internally. Files attached to orders will be removed 1 month after the file is uploaded. For designs that PRINTitGO Print creates, files may be able to be found on internal hardware, but this cannot be guaranteed. All customers are responsible for saving all completed designs on their computers.

Saved designs using our online card creator will only be saved for 6 months. These designs will need to be downloaded as a pdf and saved on the customer’s computer to access them after 6 months. It is also not the responsibility for PRINTitGO to fix any design errors that occurred when making a card on the online card creator.

o)    In-Store Credits: An in-store credits can be offered only if an order is cancelled before being put into “prepress” – to avoid cancellation fees- or may be offered as a form of compensation. The amount of compensation is solely based on PRINTitGO’s discretion. An in-store credit will not be issued for any order that was paid for using an existing credit; however, the order may qualify for a reprint, but only at the discretion of PRINTitGO.

To claim an in-store credit a customer must supply their previous order number that the compensation was meant for.  This is the only way the compensation can be confirmed by PRINTitGO. Emails will not be sufficient enough to validate an in-store credit. Promo codes with be generated for customers to redeem their in-store credits. Promo codes will only be valid until their expiry date. When an order is cancelled, or compensation is given, a promo code will be sent to the customer’s account email (or the email that is on the order being compensated if the customer does not have an account). In-store credits are valid for a maximum of one year from the date the promo code is issued.  If a customer does not use their credit within the year or has only used a portion of it by the expiry date, the remaining amount will be forfeited.

If the amount of a promo code exceeds the cost of the product, then two smaller promo codes may be issued instead BUT ONLY if the initial promo code has yet to be used. If a promo code has already been used, then no more credit will be issued.

p) Custom Jobs: Custom jobs are generated internally by staff of PRINTitGO and are therefore subject to human error. If an error occurs with pricing, stock, coating, turnaround time or any other specification on the order, PRINTitGO has the right to cancel the order and refund the customer. Also, any miss communication that occurs between PRINTitGO estimators and customers during the quoting process will not qualify the customer for a reprint. It is the responsibility of the customer to check the accuracy of the quote before proceeding with payment. PRINTitGO will only be responsible for printing what is listed on the customer’s invoice and reserves the right to cancel the order at any time regardless of the error that was made. Any cancellation of an incorrect quote will still be subject to the same penalties as listed under “Product Proof and No Refunds”.

q) Rush Orders: Rush Orders are the only way to guarantee a completion date, otherwise all Order completion dates are estimates, which depends on how large the print queue is. If a deadline is required, then it will need to be specified before an Order is placed. In most cases a rush fee will be able to be added to the Order to guarantee the deadline. Rush fees can only be added to Orders before they go into production; however, the shipping method can still be upgrade to a faster service until the Order is shipped. If an Order does not meet the Rush deadline specified, then the customer is entitled to only the rush charge refunded and not the standard cost to produce the Order.

r) Gift Cards: Gift cards from PRINTitGO can be used towards the purchase of any product on For sale items and custom jobs, gift card promo codes will need to be applied manually by a Customer Service Representative: our customer service team can be reached at 604.726.9546 or via email at

Gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash and have no cash value. Lost or stolen cards will not be replaced. Gift cards are non-refundable, and any remaining value left on the card after a partial payment will not be refundable and can only be used as an in-store credit. Orders purchased using gift cards are non-refundable and can only be transferred to an in-store credit. Gift cards need to be applied before an order has been purchased and cannot be applied afterwards.

s) Customer Accounts: PRINTitGO is only entitled to communicate to the person whose name is registered under the account with PRINTitGO. If the account holder would like for PRINTitGO to communicate with another party who is not registered under the account, regarding details on the account, written permission must first be given to PRINTitGO before doing so. However, it is up to PRINTitGO’s discretion if communication is necessary with a third party as PRINTitGO is only obligated to service the account holder. No information on the account can be released and/or changed by anyone else other than the account holder, including, but not limited to customer discount levels, order refunds, changes to order details, changes to invoices, etc.

Customer discount levels are generated on customer accounts using an algorithm which looks at number of orders, total amount spent, and frequency of orders. These discount levels only apply to orders that are placed over the website while logged into the account. Discount levels are non-transferable and will not apply to custom print projects or in addition to already discounted items.

8.     Payment

PRINTitGO requires a full payment to process any Orders. Processing of an Order will not start until you have made payment with a valid credit card number, or cash fund (using PayPal). PRINTitGO will not be liable for any of delay in completing Orders due to your delay in payment.

9.     Pricing and Shipping

(a)     Pricing: All prices listed on the Website are in Canadian funds, unless otherwise noted, and are subject to change by PRINTitGO without any notice to you. Applicable taxes and shipping and handling charges will be added to each invoice.  PRINTitGO may change pricing options as well as change any promotional offer(s) at any time without prior notice.

(b)     Pricing/Promotions: General pricing and promotions are in effect only for the regions and time periods as specified on the Website. Under no circumstances can you request alternate pricing options other than those available in specified regions. In determining pricing, PRINTitGO uses your region of origin, and you may be required to provide proof (either shipping address postal code or promotional code) indicating your region of origin. Upon PRINTitGO’s satisfaction of your region of origin, you may request PRINTitGO to send the products to a region other than your region of origin.

(c)     Taxes: Any Order which specifies delivery of shipment in Canada is subject to Goods and Services Tax and may also be subject to Provincial Sales Tax or Harmonized Sales Tax.

(d)     Shipping Outside Canada: Any Order which specifies delivery of shipment of Products outside Canada may be subject to import taxes, customs duties, and fees levied by the country where the recipient receives shipment of the Order (“Import Fees“). You are responsible for all such Import Fees and any additional charges for customs clearance.  PRINTitGO has no control over these charges. Customs policies vary widely from country to country; you should contact his/her local customs office for further information.

10.     Indemnity

You will defend, indemnify and hold PRINTitGO, its directors, officers, employees, agents, partners, suppliers and licensors harmless from any third party claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’  fees, relating to or arising from (a) the submission and use of Your Content; (b) your use of the Services and activities occurring using your account information; (c) any violation by you of these Service Terms; or (d) your violation of any third party rights. This obligation will survive the termination or expiration of these Service Terms and your use of the Services.

11.     Shipping and Delivery

(a)     Order Shipping: PRINTitGO will use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that production difficulties with respect to any Order do not delay delivery schedules. PRINTitGO’s shipment and delivery dates are calculated based upon estimates provided by PRINTitGO’s logistics partners. Unexpected failure, malfunction and/or technical problems with PRINTitGO’s printing equipment may delay PRINTitGO’s production process. In the event of such delay, PRINTitGO may, in its discretion, refund or waive any rush fees applicable to an Order. PRINTitGO can only use its own shipping account and will not use account numbers provided by you for any couriers.

(b)     Incorrect Address: You are responsible for providing PRINTitGO with the proper shipping address.  When a package is not delivered due to an error made by the customer in submitting the proper shipping address, PRINTitGO will reship the package with the correct address and charge you an additional shipping fee.  Product deliveries are subject to the corporate policies of the delivery companies used by PRINTitGO. Policies regarding signature of delivery receipts will apply to you. If you are not present at the delivery location that you provided to PRINTitGO, you will be responsible for picking up the package in accordance with the policies of the applicable delivery company.

(c)     Estimated Completion Times: When you place an Order using the Website, PRINTitGO will provide you with an estimated date of completion of the Order.  You acknowledge and agree that the date is an estimate only, is provided to you, and does not include shipping time for the Product. PRINTitGO does not represent and warrant that your Order will be completed by the estimated date, except where you select the option of “rush printing”, provided, however, that in no event will PRINTitGO be responsible for any delay in shipping of products caused by the shipping company, even where “rush printing” was selected. PRINTitGO may, in its discretion, provide you with compensation on delays beyond the estimated date of completion, and such compensation may include express shipping at no additional cost to you.

(d)     Transfer of Title: You acknowledge and agree that the shipping terms for all Products from PRINTitGO are FOB shipping point and ownership transfers to you upon delivery of your shipment to the delivery company. You assume all associated risks at that point, and PRINTitGO will not be responsible for any loss or destruction associated thereafter.

(e) Pick-ups: When picking up an order at one of PRINTitGO’s storefront locations, an order number will need to be provided for proof of purchase. Transfer of ownership will occur once the customer has left PRINTitGO’s location. Any damage to the product that occurs outside of PRINTitGO’s location – including staining, ripping, bending or chipping – will not then qualify for a reprint.

Orders may not be available for pick up at specific PRINTitGO locations, so shipping will be required for these orders. For the same reason, shipping cannot be refunded if pick up of a particular product is not available at the requested pick up location. A shipping refund can also not be refunded once the order is in prepress. This is because an order may be produced at one location, but a separate location is requested for pick up (so the order will still need to be shipped).

It is the responsibility of the customer to pick up their order(s) from PRINTitGO’s storefront location on a timely basis. If an order is not picked up within 6 months of the purchase date then the order may need to be disposed of due to space restrictions, and the order will not qualify for a reprint.

12.     Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability

(a)     Except as otherwise expressly provided herein, you acknowledge and agree that the Website, the Services, and the Products are provided on an “as is”, “without any warranties”, and “without any liability” basis, and you and PRINTitGO both acknowledge and agree that this limitation on liability is reasonable in the circumstances.






13.     Feedback

Where you submit or provide any comments, suggestions, proposals or other feedback (the “Comments”) to PRINTitGO in connection with the operation or content of this Website, you irrevocably assign to PRINTitGO all of your right, title and interest in and to the in the Comments without the right to any compensation or royalties from PRINTitGO and you waive any moral rights you may have in the Comments. Further, you irrevocably waive and agree never to assert any claims against PRINTitGO or any of its successors or assigns with respect to the Comments. You agree that PRINTitGO shall be free to use the Comments on an unrestricted basis.

14.     Jurisdiction

Any dispute relating to the Website or the Services shall be governed by the provincial laws of British Columbia and the federal laws of Canada applicable therein, without reference to any choice of law or conflict of law principles, and without reference to the UNCITRAL Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods or the British Columbia International Sales of Goods Act. You and PRINTitGO agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of British Columbia, Canada for any and all disputes, claims, and actions arising from or in connection with the Services or these Service Terms.  Nothing in these Service Terms shall prevent PRINTitGO from seeking injunctive or other equitable relief, payment of amounts due, or enforcement of an award before any court having jurisdiction over you over such subject matter.

15.     Hyper-Links to Third Party Sites

The Website may contain hyper-links to third party websites. Because PRINTitGO has no control over such sites, access to any other Internet sites linked to the Website is at your own risk and you understand that PRINTitGO is not responsible for the availability, accuracy or reliability of the contents of any linked site or any link contained in a linked site (“Third Party Content”). PRINTitGO provides these links to you only as a convenience, and the inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement of any Third-Party Content by PRINTitGO.  You further acknowledge and agree that PRINTitGO shall not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any Third-Party Content.

16.     Independent Remedies.

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17.     Force Majeure

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18.     General.

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