10 Mind-Blowing Print Facts!

Printing is a fascinating industry with a long history that has transformed how we communicate and consume information. Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in the mid-15th century. This invention enabled the mass production of books and other printed materials, making information more widely available to the general public. Before the printing press, books had […]

Label Printing Services in West Hollywood, CA

Do you own your own business selling products to the masses? Are you planning on starting your own business of selling products? No matter the reason, PRINTitGO has roll label printing options for any possible need or application. Our roll label printing service is ideal for those who require custom labels in and around West […]

Interview with the owner and CEO of PRINTitGO by Hamid Pourkasraei

Early October, the owner and CEO of PRINTitGo Masoud Moosaei was interviewed by Hamid Pourkasraei in an episode of Getting to Know Your Neighbors. The Interview started with Masoud introducing PRINTitGo from the beginning and motivations to start such a business. When asked about the thoughts behind the decision, Masoud replied: “I started as a […]

How do you make a good letterhead?

Make a good letterhead

The letterhead is not a flyer; however, it is one of the tabs available to potential customers. This feature makes the letterhead have a particular marketing capability. In appearance, the letterhead is a simple paper; But this simple sheet will contain the most important texts of an organization. Letterheads are typically used for administrative records, […]

Are wall calendars still popular?

Wall calendar

Wall calendar is one of the advertising products that service companies are very interested in using. Wall calendars are usually ordered from airlines, travel agencies, car washes, cleaning service companies and tourism agencies. Due to these products’ long-term use (365 days), customers should always consider their design before ordering. Wall calendars are usually more expensive […]

What is branded promotional product?

Branded promotional product

Branded promotional products, also known as promotional gifts, have a logo or other marketing message printed on them. The purpose of these products is to keep the brand name and company information in front of their target audience. Valuable items are often used for advertising due to the high probability of maintenance and use. Promotional […]