How effective are door hangers?

How effective are door hangers

Advertising door hangers are designed to be hung on the door handles of buildings and apartments. The door hangers have a plastic or cardboard mark that is generally shaped like a rectangular image on the door handles. These tracts are used for advertisements by distributing tracts on door handles. Door hangers have become very popular for promotions in residential and office areas to display services and products.

What are the advantages of using door hangers?

Apart from being a unique advertisement method, there are several advantages in using door hangers instead of, for example, a flyer. Some of the benefits are:

  • Door hangers are hardly left on the ground unnoticed. Besides, the tract is hung on the door handle, so there is no need to bend to look at or lift it.
  • You can use different designs and templates for the advertising door hangers.
  • You can use the door’s color as a contrasting color to your door hanger; for example, in a hotel with white doors, you can use brown door hangers.
  • Door hangers are considered among the cheap advertising methods.
  • Content; This type of marketing advertisement targets specific customers, so it is crucial to identify their problems and offer solutions.

Do not disturb door hanger signs

What is the return on door hangers?

The variable of any formula for success in marketing efforts is its response rate. Like other media, the rate of door hanger’s marketing response depends on how targeted they are and how relevant they are to the consumer. Results can vary from 1% to 5% or more; however, an average of 2% ROI (return on investment) is generally expected.

Tips on starting a door hanger marketing campaign

If you are going to start a door hanger marketing campaign we strongly recommend to seek professional advice from reputable companies to ensure your success. Here are some tips if you choose otherwise:

The distribution timing

Consider scheduling and timing as the most critical aspects of your campaign. If you are promoting a sale in late June, you wouldn’t want to start your distribution too soon on early May.

Mind the design

Have you ever noticed a hanger then completely forget it? Was it ugly? Were there a lot of words written on the door hanger? Evaluate the reasons why you have already ignored the hanger and be careful not to make similar mistakes. That’s why people miss your door hanger.

The hotel room with do not disturb sign on the door handle

Use professional services

To succeed, you need to make sure that your marketing campaign is professionally handled. Otherwise, your audience will ignore your ads. Use professional printing and marketing services to ensure an effective door hanger campaign.

Evaluate your target audience

Before you start a door-hanging campaign, you need to evaluate your target audience. Like any marketing campaign, this should be one of your first steps. Try asking these questions:

  1. Who needs my product or service?
  2. Who does not buy my product or service but is a potential customer?
  3. Is there any part of my city with a good chance of not knowing about my business?
  4. How much does my product or service cost?
  5. Who is my competitor?

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