What is branded promotional product?

Branded promotional product

Branded promotional products, also known as promotional gifts, have a logo or other marketing message printed on them. The purpose of these products is to keep the brand name and company information in front of their target audience. Valuable items are often used for advertising due to the high probability of maintenance and use. Promotional branded products can be a cost-effective marketing tool because of their high impact potential. Branded marketing products have the same power as gifts; when people receive a gift, they are more likely to retaliate by buying or supporting the giver.

What are the examples of branded promotional products?

Cotton shirts, golf clubs, shopping bags, water bottles, calendars, hats, stationery, home appliances, pens, bags, buttons, electronic and mobile accessories, personal care items such as hand sanitizers, case files, gift food, chocolate and so on. As lifestyles, attitudes, and technology change, so do advertising products. However, basic product categories such as T-shirts and mugs continue to generate revenue next year because they meet basic human needs. While some promotional products may work best, they may not work for all markets and audiences.

Some branded promotional products

What are the advantages of using branded promotional products?

The branded promotional product are being used vastly through the world and is one of the most common advertising techniques in the field of marketing, some of the reasons are as following:

Relatively low cost compared to other advertising plans:

Buying promotional gifts and using them as an effective marketing method is less expensive than other promotional branding methods. There are many types of promotional items, including accessories that can be hung or placed on a desk with a high chance of visibility.

Branded marketing products are valuable:

Promotional products are given as a gift to customers freely. Most people are happy to receive free products as a gift, which can be precious to them. Emotional and behavioral responses to receiving such gifts far outweigh the cost of the gift.

Flexibility in buying promotional goods:

The variety of promotional products is abundant, and all companies can provide the appropriate number of gifts and offer them to their customers according to their budget.

examples of branded promotional products

What are the disadvantages of using branded promotional products?

One of the challenges of using branded promotional products, like all promotional activities, is that people may receive these gifts and incentives and never buy from that organization. This increases marketing and advertising costs without result. So, the distribution should be limited to the highest level of the potential audience. In addition to the actual price of the products, there are several related costs that must be considered in the marketing budget. These include the costs of setting up and running the printing equipment to order. It can also include ink or other materials and costs associated with the printing process.

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