Everything you need to know about advertising table covers

advertising table covers

From advertisement and marketing campaigns to fundraiser and corporate networking events printed table covers are used as a tool for promotion. You’ve probably seen the covers of trade show desks in Canada wherever there is a show booth or event, and when we look at how useful they are for businesses and customers, we can […]

Which factors you should know about Canvas printing?

Which factors you should know about Canvas printing

There are several ideas for lasting memories. Photo printing on the chassis, designing a romantic photo book, Polaroid photo collection, mug, calendar, magnet, etc. But there is also a new and creative product that you may be less familiar with. This product is nothing but canvas. We usually see canvases as oil paintings, however, in […]

What is the Difference Between Clear Stickers and Clear Labels?

Difference between clear stickers and clear labels

Clear Stickers and Clear Labels can both be used for different purposes. The difference between the two products actually depends on how you plan to use them. So, let’s take a quick look at some of the factors to consider when deciding between Clear Stickers or Clear Labels for your brand and packaging needs. What […]