Sandwich board design ideas

Sandwich board design ideas

Sandwich boards are a great way to convey a message to the audience, and they are especially useful for advertising. But if you are just starting in business, ready-made board sandwich prices may shock you as they may cost a high price. The Self-Stand sidewalk is printed with a base on the floor and doubles in size, which requires a little weight to hold it down.

What to consider when designing a sandwich board

When designing a sandwich board considering the following tips will make a huge difference;

What to consider when designing a sandwich board

Make your messages simple

The number one mistake restaurants make with their sandwich boards is writing long with small font messages. If a customer needs to get to your board and then spend time reading through it, you have missed the point of having a sandwich board.

Use eye-catching colors

Sandwich boards are not a place to experiment with subtle color combinations. The goal is to clear your message at a glance. Use bold, poppy colors and sharp contrasts to ensure your message stands out. The same goes for images.

Check both sides

Many restaurants use sandwich boards as a means of guiding customers through their store. If you are drawing your marker with an arrow, be sure to reverse the second insertion arrow. Depending on which way they approach the sandwich plate, customers send completely different messages about where to go.

Use metal frame stands

Using a metal A-frame stand sandwich board instead of wooden plates will make your board more durable in outdoor use. It also stands out as more eye-catching because of the quality provided in metal printing.

Be honest with your customers

Honest quotes attract attention, especially when used with humor. Most people who pass by maybe hungry. Giving them a sense of humor will attract them more.

Use a customized funny quote

Playing with words is always a good idea when creating funny sandwich quotes as long as you let your creativity reign. A popular quote best fits your niche for outdoor advertising.

Draw attention with special offers

Every business has its regular and special offers, try advertising your special offers more often than regular ones on sandwich board you put on sidewalks.

Waiter wrote café open in sandwich board
Waiter wrote café open in sandwich board

What kind of sandwich boards are there?

There are many kinds of sandwich boards. Depend on your business and budget choose the best board for your goal.

  • Sidewalk signs with water bases are a great marketing tool. Weight holders with custom inserts protected by clear lenses or writing pads are ideal for outdoor use with wind-resistant springs.
  • Metal A frame stand pavement shows the graphics in solid double-sided frames. Sandwich boards made of aluminum or steel, with a durable structure and clear acrylic lenses are excellent for indoor or outdoor advertising. Some metal models have a header area for the second insert to indicate the company logo or additional business information.
  • letterboard signs allow custom messaging and include black and white letters. Displays of this type are easily read from a distance and are easily portable.
  • Plastic A frame signs are a cheap and durable advertising solution for almost any organization. Polyethylene frames are made for inserts, letters, markers or posters and are suitable for bulk purchase. Plastic structures require less maintenance because they do not rust or break under adverse conditions.
  • Write-on holders are great for creating custom ads that can be customized. These A frames are available on boards and marker boards and allow the use of dry, wet and dry plaster markers in a wide range of colors.

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