Sticker Printing, What Makes Stickers Stick?

Stickers stick on mobile phone cases, car bumpers, laptops, notebooks, files, lockers, windows, walls and cupboards. But what makes stickers stick? When your business decides to get some sticker printing done, it’s nice to know something about what goes into the process behind the magic of making your stickers. And stickers are magic! No glue […]

Which Label is better? Glossy, Satin, or Matte Labels

Which type of label printing is better?

It’s time to decide on the perfect label for your new or improved product. The graphic design is done. You have a marketing plan. But now you face the big decision. What’s Better? Glossy, satin, or matte labels? As experts in label printing in Vancouver, Printitgo helps companies with this issue every day. First, there […]