What things you can use paper labels for?

What things you can use paper labels for

Paper labels are commonly used to explain or describe the property of a product and have been around since the late 19th century when the industrial revolution took place. Prior to the invention of paper labels, manufacturers used to print the information directly on their products, be it a box ware or a barrel. The distribution industry demanded an easy solution for describing the attributes of a good to provide useful information for the customers, so the paper labels came to exist. Nowadays paper labels are massively used in a variety of manufacturing fields such as personal and industrial product packaging on jars, bottles, clothes, mailing labels, CD labels, address labels and many more.

What are the advantages of using a paper label?

Paper labels are more flexible, easily usable on parcels and packages or even on an envelope to provide information such as the address and logo of the company. Moreover, using a paper label instead of direct printing, makes it simpler for you to provide information because the size of the products has its own limits, plus, printing a paper label and sticking it on the desired merchandise is a cheaper strategy.

Advantages of using a paper label

Unlike envelopes, most of the paper labels are in standard-sized sheets which are supported by many printers. Another advantage of using paper labels is the fast process; printing directly on the goods is not a very efficient method in case of mass production.

When to print your own paper labels and when to use a printing service?

If you own a small business yet to be branded or if you are still to design your personal package, it is more practical to use your own printer. However, if the business is growing, meaning you need to provide a number of paper labels on a daily basis you should consider the cost of printing including the price of printer’s ink, label paper stock and the printer itself, or you can order labels printing online. It all depends on the quantity of the labels you consume which is related to the number of your products at any given time. The more your business grows, the more you need a professional label company to assist you along the way providing you with an excellent solution to print your desired information on your supplies. Keep in mind that professional printing services are cheaper in large quantities, the quality of printing and adhesion is dramatically higher and the variety of printing options are more diverse.

Choosing the right label

Choosing the right label and adhesive for your business

To avoid the risk of using missing labels or ending up with unlabeled products it is mandatory to choose the best type of paper label and adhesive for your goods. The material of the label is as important as the adhesive used on them:

  • Thermal transfer: a thermal ribbon is used to print on the paper labels by heating the ribbon leaving the marks on the label.
  • Direct thermal: the material of the paper is so that the heat will mark the paper directly changing its color.
  • Laser: the paper is self-explanatory that is suitable for laser printers.
  • Inkjet: this kind of paper is designed to absorb ink quickly.
  • Permanent adhesive labels: this kind of label is used when a long-term application is in order.
  • Removable: there are two types of removable labels; some can be removed and reused again and some can be only removed once.
  • Choosing the right paper label will save you from unnecessary costs, so it is wise to seek a professional company’s guidance before placing your order.

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