Sticker Printing, What Makes Stickers Stick?

Stickers stick on mobile phone cases, car bumpers, laptops, notebooks, files, lockers, windows, walls and cupboards. But what makes stickers stick? When your business decides to get some sticker printing done, it’s nice to know something about what goes into the process behind the magic of making your stickers.

And stickers are magic! No glue or tape. No nails. Easy to apply, and they stick anywhere. Also, people love stickers. But different kinds of adhesives are better for some applications than others. So, when it is time for printing your stickers, here are some tips to help you decide which type is best.

Sticker Printing – Paper Stickers

Paper stickers are probably what you think of when you think “stickers.” Usually square, these are the ones you stuck and restuck into your notebooks at school. They use rubber adhesives and are easy to peel off and restick. So, you can easily remove a paper sticker and stick them somewhere else!

Sticker labels
Sticker labels

Sticker Printing – Bumper Stickers

For more than just elections, larger bumper stickers, well, they stick to the bumpers on vehicles. Getting customized bumper stickers is easier now than ever with digital printing. And people love stickers so much that adding bumper stickers to a branding plan works like a charm! Bumper stickers are PVC and use super sticky adhesives to combat the sunlight, rain, high and low temperatures. That’s why taking them off can be super challenging.

Sticker Printing – Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl stickers might just be the very best stickers ever! Highly durable, they don’t come off easily, but they won’t leave adhesive behind if you are careful. They don’t fade, so you can use them outside on doorways, windows, gates, signs, or anywhere, even in harsh weather conditions. The adhesive is stickier than a paper sticker, and most are made from a special opaque PVC film that is ideal for sticker printing.

Vinyl stickers
Vinyl stickers

Sticker Printing – Matt Stickers

Matt stickers are certainly the best-looking stickers. Removable vinyl, these soft-touch stickers are luxurious and super sticky. Stick them on wood, walls, paper, or plastic. They might seem delicate, but they are much more durable than a paper label. They are good outside, too. Resistant to the effects of the sun and water, you can still remove them fairly easily.

Now is the time for sticker printing! Everyone loves stickers. They get your brand in front of people in a fun and exciting way. Happy sticker sticking!

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