Are wall calendars still popular?

Wall calendar

Wall calendar is one of the advertising products that service companies are very interested in using. Wall calendars are usually ordered from airlines, travel agencies, car washes, cleaning service companies and tourism agencies. Due to these products’ long-term use (365 days), customers should always consider their design before ordering.

Wall calendars are usually more expensive than regular desk calendars. However, wall calendars are always custom-designed for a particular advertising plan. Depending on the type of advertising and your brand, you can choose your advertising calendar; many also use both desk and wall calendars as their marketing strategy.

Hand marker indicates the date on the wall calendar

The role of wall calendars in advertising

You may have seen many different businesses use wall calendars to promote their work by handing around a great practical wall calendar as a gift. This marketing method has received a lot of attention in recent years and is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to advertise jobs. If you are active in a particular business in need of marketing to improve the selling of your products, you can use this great and practical way to promote your work.

Material of wall calendars

Wall calendars are usually made of cardboard. However, wooden and mat examples of wall calendars have been around the market for a higher price. If you plan to order a large number of wall calendars and your financial resources are limited, we suggest using cardboard calendars. Cardboard calendars are the cheapest type of promotional product. Due to their high strength, Mat and wood are usually suitable for gifts to businesses and private companies.

Size of wall calendars

Choosing the size of a wall calendar is an essential point that should be considered as well. The size of wall calendars should generally be 30 to 40 cm. Less than this will reduce the direct view to it, and above it will naturally upset the environment’s appearance. However, if you want to print your products vertically, you can increase this size a little.

Calendar page shows the first of may

Use of colors and images in the wall calendar

The overall choice of colors could be considered the essential part of designing a wall calendar. According to professionals, the use of warm colors can make wall calendars look more attractive. Designers usually use green, yellow, orange and blue for the initial design. Choosing a green theme for the spring to remind the flowering and growth of plants can be a good option. In summer, yellow can indicate the feeling of the sun and winter always reminds us of snow.

The choice of these colors is all to inspire the sense of the season in people’s minds. For example, when it comes to autumn, the first thing that comes to mind is the beautiful bright orange color of threes and the shedding of their leaves.

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