Everything you need to know about advertising table covers

advertising table covers

From advertisement and marketing campaigns to fundraiser and corporate networking events printed table covers are used as a tool for promotion. You’ve probably seen the covers of trade show desks in Canada wherever there is a show booth or event, and when we look at how useful they are for businesses and customers, we can easily understand why.

What are the different types of printed table covers?

There are three different types of table tops – throwing, fitted and stretch. The throw tablecloth is a shelter usually thrown on the table where its folds hang down. Throw printed table covers create a richer and fuller appearance. Fitted covers are a combination of throw and stretch table covers. They are placed on the edges of the table and hung down, maximizing the visible surface for the brand and advertising. A stretch table cover, as its name implies, is stretched on the table and is perfectly edged without creases.

advertising table covers in exhibition

What is an advertising table good for?

The benefits of custom branded table cover as a promotional tool are many, some are mentioned below:

  • Hiding unpleasant desks: It is unlikely that most companies will bring a mahogany table for their advertising. Display tables are functional but usually uncomfortable, and covering them with custom tablecloth fabric is a great way to enhance the appeal of your stands.
  • Hiding extra stock: No one wants to look messy, but the reality is that you usually keep everything on hand to yourself for the day. These extra boxes can easily be hidden behind the fabric or even under the fabric to make it look less messy.
  • Limited advertising space: not every place has as much space as you want, and sometimes custom tents have to be left in storage. Although you may have enough space for a table, why not turn it into a billboard and still create the brand you need even in small spaces?

What is the best fabric to make a table cover?

Polyester poplin is the most common fabric for printed table covers. This inexpensive fabric is durable, easily machine washable and resists wrinkles, stains and flames. Some other fabrics used for table covers are cotton, linen and canvas. Almost anything is used for tablecloths. As a beginner, it is recommended to use cotton because it is easy to sew and washes well.

a laptop on advertising table covers

Some tips before ordering a printed table cover

Following the tips bellow will help to ensure the efficiency of your advertising table in any event

  • Logo: The first thing everyone wants to notice on the cover of your custom desk is your logo. For best results, print it on the front, left and right sides of your tablecloth.
  • Brand: What is a logo without a brand? Make sure your brand is clearly printed with your logo.
  • Font: Avoid using font styles that are difficult to understand. Go for bold letters to make the brand appear.
  • Color: The background color of your printed table cover can make or break your tablecloth. Avoid colors that match your logo.

Consistency: Whatever design you decide upon, it is highly recommended to keep the same scheme throughout all your promotional branding. This increases brand recognition among your audience.

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