When and where your business needs a printed tent?

When and where your business needs a printed tent

Printed tents are known for their versatility, attractive aesthetics and functionality. What you may not know about tents is that they can be used as a very effective advertising tool. Ordering a custom printed tent from a printing company for local events or trade shows is a great way to get your business noticed. With printed tents available, upgrading your business is a process that does not require a specific location. All you need is a space; any place and you can advertise your business there. Be it an exhibition, a trade show or anywhere else. This is why advertising tents are a major blow to outdoor commercial advertising.

Rainy weather in a trade show

Who uses the printed event tent?

Pop-up printed tents are suitable for anyone looking for a branded booth with a shade rating and protection against adverse weather conditions. The key here is branding because custom folding tents are marketing assets. They are used as advertising applications especially as outdoor canopies, but what sets them apart is their mobility. Fully branded, a custom pop-up tent visually invites your customers to your temporary hub, and if you sell, collect or share information, it is very easy to recognize. Custom printed tents are almost used in any industry.

Why are custom printed tents so popular?

In the world of events, there is nothing easier than setting up a printed tent quickly and smoothly. Designed lightly, they are easily portable and generally fit behind an SUV, minivan or standard truck. It is accessible without the need for trailers or mobile vans, especially for small business owners. Another advantage of being light is that typically one or two people can quickly set up a tent individually. With telescopic pedestals, the frame can be expanded, locked in place, and each pedestal can be displayed individually to full height.

Adidas store uses custom printed tent

What are the advantages of a printed tent?

here are the five key reasons why custom printed tents are a great investment for advertising purposes;

  • Printed tents are very easy to assemble and put away, even without having a large team of employees
  • They provide elements of protection for employees and customers alike
  • They are a great way to create “your space” in an event
  • They can be easily seen even from a distance – it helps to attract interest, even in crowded areas
  • They are eye-catching and highly customizable

a man who is comfortable in the shade of printed tent

Why custom printed tents are a good investment?

Not only the printed tents are easily foldable but they are also durable, which means your investment will last. With one-time advertising methods, often low cost but quick to reinvest, having a long-term and consistent advertising method is a smart move. G advertising tools may not always be available, but if you have your own custom print tent, you will still be promoting and raising public awareness no matter what the content.

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