Interview with the owner and CEO of PRINTitGO by Hamid Pourkasraei

Early October, the owner and CEO of PRINTitGo Masoud Moosaei was interviewed by Hamid Pourkasraei in an episode of Getting to Know Your Neighbors.

The Interview started with Masoud introducing PRINTitGo from the beginning and motivations to start such a business. When asked about the thoughts behind the decision, Masoud replied:

“I started as a self-thought graphic designer and combined that with my entrepreneurial experience print industry just seemed like a great fit to marry the two together. Love seeing creative work, designs come to life in the print process.”

How Masoud feels about PRINTitgo

Furthermore, Masoud described his business in a fantastic tone expressing the world “fun, customary and creativity” when asked why he chose PRINTitGo:
“It’s fun, products are custom, so every job is different in one way or another, and there is a ton of creativity involved.”
Next, Hamid asked about the ups and downs of the business and how Masoud is dealing with them. As a business owner who struggles through the challenges the market throws at him regularly, Masoud is surprised at PRINTitGo’s success during the past years.

What people don’t know about PRINTitgo

Not every company or business is entirely known by their customers and audiences, so when Masoud was asked about the things people don’t know about his business, he replied:
“PRINTitGo is a large producer of Custom Labels for products & packaging. We offer window graphics for offices and retail shops and have a team of amazing in-house graphic designers that work with our clients to meet their marketing goals.

But what do people know and love about PRINTitGo? Hamid asked.

“PRINTitGO can do it all; when it comes to printing, we are reliable and do deliver on quality and service. Products from the basic business cards to brochures, signs and custom graphics and much more.” Replied Masoud.

PRINTitGO brand in the sky

How Covid19 affected PRINTitgo and how Masoud is dealing with it

Almost two years into the Covid pandemic, we all know the aspect of its impact on the industry. It seems Masoud’s business also couldn’t dodge the bullet and is now healing from Covid economic crash-down. However, Masoud is pretty confident to expand his business even further to the US market. He says:

“Covid did impact our industry a lot, and PRINTitGO was no exception, so our first goal is still to rebound back to pre-Covid times. We are hopeful that a re-launch of in-person events, conferences, and an increase of overall marketing efforts will give our industry a boost soon.”

Daily life of Masoud in Vancouver

And finally, Masoud describes himself as an outdoor person and shares his view of North Vancouver by adding:
“Vancouver is beautiful, and that’s mainly for me due to the astonishing nature that surrounds us here. I’m personally very active and an outdoorsy person, so I do enjoy the hikes, rivers, mountains. The food scene is great as well, thanks to the multiculturalism nature of Vancouver.”

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